Texts in English – April 2009

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01.04.2009 Further Conflicts at the Border
01.04.2009 Repression began with the kitchen - Freedom ended up in the garbage
01.04.2009 Antimilitarist Demonstration in Freiburg
01.04.2009 Police harassment at the Anti-NATO Camp
01.04.2009 Nato Game Over 2009: Peace Activists close NATO Headquarter in Brussels
01.04.2009 Video: Make Militarism History - Anti-NATO Auftaktdemo in Freiburg
01.04.2009 Video: Make Militarism History - Anti-NATO Auftaktdemo in Freiburg
02.04.2009 Statement Indy UK: Protester dies during protest against G20
02.04.2009 Funding appeal for film to show Chinese there's shark in shark fin soup
02.04.2009 Camp Press Release Regarding the Border Restrictions and Provocation
02.04.2009 Border Ban for Anti-NATO protesters
02.04.2009 Police are simulating departure bans
02.04.2009 Veterans of the War on Terror to protest in Strasbourg with support from American expatriates
03.04.2009 strasbourg - anti-repression demo on 2.4.
03.04.2009 Block Baden-Baden with liveupdates
03.04.2009 (A) Book & Video Fair of Caracas
03.04.2009 Police gives restraining orders (Platzverweise) for entire Baden-Baden
03.04.2009 Paint Attack on DHL Offices in Mannheim
03.04.2009 Pictures from Strasbourg vom 03.04.2009
04.04.2009 Escalation at the camp in the afternoon
04.04.2009 Refusal of media access for journalists from Berlin
04.04.2009 indy deux rives 2009//08 - english
04.04.2009 Mobile D.I.Y.-Kitchen 'Le Sabot' denied entry at border - witeness statement of a cook
04.04.2009 Police in Strasbourg: “You want to break us? We will break you.”
05.04.2009 Police 'assaulted' bystander who died during G20 protests
05.04.2009 Witnesses Statement: Death at G20
07.04.2009 G20 police assault on Ian Tomlinson: Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died
08.04.2009 Police partout, Justice nulle part! [Police everywhere, justice nowhere]
08.04.2009 Solidarity with the Defendants of Strasbourg!
08.04.2009 Venezuela: The People’s Struggle is the Best Response to the Crisis!
09.04.2009 (Photo)Report from the other side: Ostermarsch in Kehl
09.04.2009 No peace with NATO!
10.04.2009 Zurich: Sans-Papiers protest for Identity Papers
10.04.2009 Strasbourg - north blockade
12.04.2009 German-style feed-in system to promote clean energies coming to Western Australia
12.04.2009 Fascism and racism in Denmark and Sweden
14.04.2009 Mass Arrest of 114 Climate Activists in Raid (UK)
16.04.2009 "I Couldn't Deny It Anymore"
16.04.2009 “How sorry I am for the violence that my Army has done…”
16.04.2009 Several nuclear waste transports through Germany likely next year
17.04.2009 Ingredients for a disaster: NATO, Strasbourg and the Black Block
18.04.2009 No Border Camp Calais
19.04.2009 Ian Tomlinson starb an inneren Blutungen und nicht an einem Herzinfarkt
20.04.2009 Communiqué of the Convergence-Centre Freiburg from the 14. of April 2009
21.04.2009 No Nazis on 1 May!
24.04.2009 After Strasbourg: Regarding the handling of violence within your own ranks
24.04.2009 Matthis Chiroux about hearing April 21st, his apology re: sexism in the military and war crimes
24.04.2009 Video of John Demjanjuk shows him walking without assistance
24.04.2009 How Europe and Canada Could Help Us!
24.04.2009 Rowdy protesters target nuclear meeting in Sydney
25.04.2009 Call out for a No Border Camp in Calais (France) 23-29 june 2009
26.04.2009 Tell the world in English about the Nazis
26.04.2009 1,000 at anti-nuclear demo in Münster
29.04.2009 1,250 tonnes of depleted uranium railed through densely populated Germany - to France?
29.04.2009 Venezuela: El Libertario warns of possible sentence to the 14 SIDOR workers
30.04.2009 Active solidarity with Amadeu Casellas