Gambia: Bloody Riots Hits Farato; PIU Officers And Protesters Injured Amid Attempts Demolish Structures In Farato!


Farato youths went on rampage on Tuesday, 23th May 2017, burning cars, properties, and even attacking personnel of the police intervention unit deployed to the village to quell a protest organized by some disgruntled youths, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Injuries were recorded from both the protesters side and that of the PIU. This followed attempts to demolish some structures outside the village, which was greeted by a strong resistance from the village youths.

It has been alleged that some government officials headed by one Saja Gibba, a native of Farato, wanted to demolish some structures in the outskirt of the village, but this never went down well with the villagers. Hence, an altercation ensured between Gibba’s delegation and the youths.  Saja’s  car was burnt and the caterpillar, which the delegation wanted to use to demolish the structures at Bafaluloto. Bafaluloto, is not far from the airport. It is in the outskirt of Farato.

The place in question has been designated as a state land. The government wanted to evict the occupants of the land by demolishing the structures erected on the land.

Traffic was immediately brought to total halt by the protesting youths. They attacked motorists, organized roadblocks, burning tires, and even vehicles. As evident on this published picture of a burnt car allegedly by the protesters. Two cars were burnt to asses.

Farato, is today a scene of crime. Armed PIU officers have made frantic efforts to quell the protest without much success. The Army even had to come in to reinforce the PIU officers.

As we file this report, calm is gradually returning to Farato. Some of the protesters have been taken into police custody, while some are at large.

Adama Barrow’s transitional government has been confronted with security challenges in recent times. Similar protest marches occurred in Kanilai, following the discharge of weapons at guards stationed at the residence of former dictator Jammeh.

In the coastal villages of Gunjur and Tanji, communities have organized peaceful protest marches against a Chinese company, accused of polluting the environment.

The police command could not be reached for comment.