The Borders of the EU - Info- and Discussion Evening Amsterdam [inEUmanity]

The Borders of the EU

The Borders the EU – Info- and Discussion Evening Spinhuis, Singel 165a Amsterdam 23.5.17 – 20:00 This summer the Europian Union Parlement and Commission will decide about a new plan for the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). This will make the situation for refugees even more inhuman, and goes together with the militarisation of borders in and out of Europe. Through different agreements the EU is expanding its borders to Turkey and North Africa, wherethrough a militarized buffer zone around Europe is created. Now, the Balkanroute is already almost closed, and so many people are stuck for months. Although we react shocked about Trumps wall to Mexico, what is happening in front of our noses we dont see.

Thats why we are going to explore the plans for the CEAS in a EU critical framework. The EU project is not a solidarity project for freedom and equallity; it is an elite project build upon colonial and imperialistic structures, and refugees are a (not-)desired by product, who can also again be exploited and used for the EU capital. This will be explored together with some personal stories of experiences at the Balkanroute. Moreover, there will be a photo exhibition with pictures of Abdulazez Dukhan, who was himself in Greece as a refugee. We envite you to think critically with us and discuss our possiblities to act against this situation and show solidarity with refugees!