Internationales Anarchistisches Treffen - 3 und 4 Juni Appelscha NL

Pinksterlanddagen; an anarchist festival 3rd – 4th of june 2017

Pinksterlanddagen; an anarchist festival 3rd – 4th of june 2017.

The Pinksterlanddagen (PL) offers a stage to passionate people with an anarchist story on the 3rd until the 4th of june 2017. The preparation group invites everybody to come and give a workshop, do a lecture or to perform as long as this fits the motives of the gathering. All contributions together will create a lively program that will encourage people to think and to act.


The Pinksterlanddagen is a political festival in which a big part of the anarchist/activist movement of the Netherlands is represented. The PL also tries to reach out over the borders and to invite international guests. Topics that are often discussed are feminism, migration, labour struggle, anti militarism, environmental movement, animal rights and the history of anarchism. See here for the program.


Beside the about 30 workshops/lectures/discussions there’s a full time program for kids, book market, and cultural program (music, fire shows, movies, etc). The program is up-to-date and therefore different every year. This year we are looking into the so called ‘participation society’. This is what politicians call the life after the cuts. They cut down on many social benefits and are trying to sell that as if we are on the brink of a new society, one in which we can shape our own future. In reality it means that people with money can afford for example care for the elderly, whereas people without money will have to turn to their family, euh we mean participants. As anarchists we like participation, but not in the way the government sees it. During this PL we’d like to talk about this a bit more.


The way the PL practically works fits to her ideology; everbody shares a responsibility in running the festival. Some arrange the general planning, others give a workshop, some people cook, build everything up or keep the place clean. The PL is organized on an alcohol free anarchist camping. We respect their ways and benefit from it since we find it keeps the general atmosphere better.


We are working towards a different kind of world, a society without authority in which everybody has a voice. We are looking for people who share this view and would like to participate to that world. Come to the PL and talk to the 500 visitors of the festival. Step on the stage of the Pinksterlanddagen. You can arrive at the camp from friday the 2nd of june and the camp closes its doors on monday the 5th – on this last day help is welcome with breaking up the campsite and cleaning the camping.


The program:


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