Senegal celebrates 57th Independence of Nationhood


In commemoration of the independence of Senegal, the Ambassador of Senegal to The Gambia hosted a reception on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at the Senegalese embassy in Brufut.


The event was attended by many dignitaries, cabinet ministers, diplomats, other eminent personalities and a cross section of the Senegalese community in The Gambia.

Senegal’s ambassador to The Gambia, Professor Saliou Ndiaye, in his remarks on the occasion, congratulated the gathering for joining his embassy and the Senegalese people to celebrate the 57th Independence anniversary of Senegal.

He said the continuous strengthening of the friendly relations between The Gambia and Senegal is a common aspiration of the peoples of both countries, as history, geography, culture, and language are shared elements that make Gambians and Senegalese to understand each other better than all other peoples.

“The relations between Senegal and The Gambia do not need to be illustrated by a string of adjectives, simply because this relationship is unique and singular, driven by exceptional human ties, based on common value, shared languages, and the same vision of the world,” he said.

“Our natural relationship looks to the future with the frankness permitted by what is justified by the geographical and cultural proximity that characterize our links.”

Ambassador Ndiaye said the natural relationship is more apparent in what builds up in the reality of everyday life, adding that Gambians and Senegalese have lived together for a long time in “this fraternity, in this friendship, that is sincere and everlasting”.

This is amplified by the fact that Senegal and Gambia’s governments led by presidents Macky Sall and Adama Barrow remain committed to the path of diplomatic development, love of peace, cohesion, honesty and the search for concord between the two nations.

Senegal, he noted, will continue to advocate good neighbourliness and the search for harmony.

“Our embassy will continue to work with the Gambian authorities to explore new fields and means to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in order to bring the fraternal and friendly cooperation between our two people to a new and higher level,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to express his wishes for the prosperity of the sister Republic of The Gambia, the happiness of its people and the health of its President Adama Barrow.

In his statement on the occasion, the Minister of Justice, Abubacarr Tambadou, congratulated the Senegalese embassy in The Gambia and the government and people of Senegal, for clocking 57 years in progress since attaining independence and nationhood.

Mr Tambadou, who represented the foreign affairs minister at the occasion, said: “The celebration of such a historic day speaks volumes about the extraordinary progress Senegal has made in successfully managing its affairs.”

He said Senegal has come a long way and the road ahead is bright, promising and full of potential for the country’s future advancement.

“As neighbors and as one people with a common culture, history and destiny, The Gambia stands ready to fruitfully cooperate with Senegal in all spheres of development,” the justice minister said.

“Our new mantra of collaboration is development for the benefit of our people. The strong commitment of our leaders to the nurturing of good neighborliness, friendly relations and beneficial cooperation shall guide our diplomatic engagement.”

He said the two nations are inseparable hence they are poised to do more to enhance their mutual cooperation, development and security.

“The recent agreements that we have signed in the areas of mutual defence and security, tourism, consular assistance and fisheries are just a few examples in the future trajectory of our bilateral engagement,” the Justice minister said.

He added: “The institutions that have been put in place will further enhance our cooperation and will be actively utilised to promote new areas of cooperation.

By choice, the minister noted, both nations have mutually decided to deepen their people to people exchange with a view to strengthening their shared historic and unique cultural ties.

“That dark chapter of mutual mistrust is now gone for good. A new and exciting future awaits our people. Dialogue and consultation be the way forward,” the minister said.


Author: Zahra Gomez