South Australia: Anti-nuclear camp out and rally in the Flinders Range 7-9 October

Regina McKenzie

A cattle station in South Australia has been earmarked as the possible site for the nation's first nuclear waste dump. The Wallerberdina station near Barndioota in the Flinders Ranges was picked after months of consultation. A protest camp out with Aboriginal input is being organised. There are still places left to join.


*Yanakanai Ngarpala Yarta - Come Here to Our Country.*
Camp Out at Cotabena, near the site of the federal government's planned radioactive waste dump on Adnyamathanha country at Wallerberdina /
 Barndioota, in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.


*"**Come and meet the ancient land. Experience Adnyamathanha culture: past and present, for a nuclear free future."*
 - Regina McKenzie.

 *CAMP OUT at Cotabena*
 *When: *Friday 7th - Sunday 9th October 2016
 *Where: *Cotabena, half an hour's from Hawker, SA.
 *Tickets:* - Adults $50, children free, please book ASAP so as not to miss out.


 When: 12pm on Sunday 9th October 2016
 Where: Blue Burt Memorial Park, Elder Terrace, HAWKER
 Facebook event: here <>


A camp will be set up from Friday afternoon through to Sunday. We'll visit sites that are significant to Adnyamathanha cultural heritage, and under threat due to the proposed dump. Come and get to know the land, learn culture and support the battle to keep the Flinders Ranges nuclear free.


Places are limited to 50 people and booking is essential. We recommend you book your spot ASAP. We'll be in contact with attendees before the camp to advise on what to bring, and directions to the site.


If you can't make the whole weekend, join the rally in Hawker on Sunday! This is a vital time to strengthen, broaden and grow the movement to halt
the threat of radioactive waste on Adnyamathanha country.


See you there,

 Gem Romuld 0421 955 066
 Regina McKenzie 0432 483 440


See Aboriginal owners outraged by a spiritually important site being chosen for Australia's first nuclear waste dump