[RD] Nationalism is no Alternative - Boundless solidarity against the AFD party congress in Rendsburg!


On the 10th and 11th of September the nationalistic ,,Alternative für Deutschland/ AfD‘‘ (English: Alternative for Germany) wants to hold their second party congress this year. While the last assembly in Henstedt-Ulzburg was the setting of various infightings, today they are planning to lay down the tracks for the upcomming elections, agree on an election programme and field candidates.

Despite the lasting leader topic , which led to a quite meager puplic image of the northern AfD in the last months, is the entry of the party in the Landtag (state parliament) expectable. This expectation is based on the succesful establishment throughout Germany as a rightwinged party. The AfD, brought to life 2013 by powerful economic elites and protagonists of the „new right winged“, developed into a melting pot of people disliking the idea of a self-determined, equal and solidary togetherness. The party consits of sweaters, prosperty chauvinists, racists, islamophobes, religious fundamentalists, anti-abortionists, homophobes, neo-facists and imperious stiffs. The state association of Schleswig Holstein is evidently not an exception, while trying to be seen as just moderate-reactionary in the nationwide comparison.


The leading fraction consists of class warrios, trying to ensure their wealth and privileges in the capitalistic hierarchy, playing off poor against poorer people.

The basis consits off people playing along, ignoring the fact that the election programm isn‘t fitting their needs, even making things worse. The competitive struggle of the single inviduals tightened during the Agenda2010 objectiv and the Depression since 2008 subjectiv. Due to the hate, which is triggered trough those events, against all supposed foreign and from the mainstream deviating accompanied by the ideology of the capilistic lack of alternatives,unemployed are willing to vote for compulsion to work, wage earners for the abolition of the statutory minimum wage and young women for a abortion ban.


This will last as long as the baiting against refugees, muslims, non-heterosexuals or feminists, seen as the reason for the unsatisfying conditions in the capitalism, and a nationalistic collective is claimed loud and often in public.


The path to the far right, praised by the AfD and their spiritually allies as an alternative, is a box canyon. Their leadership of authoritarian character would be the ideologic, nationalistic and brutalized continuation of the war all against all, which would cover up the solcial dissents in favor of the ownership and power structures, instead of arguing it out. We oppose this hostile vision of the future with our desire for a society based on support for one another, material security, the satisfaction of needs, equality and self determination, to enable every person on this earth a dignified life without fear, wherever they want.


To reject the AfD and everything they stand for, and present solidarity and a joint resistance as a viable alternative, we will claim the streets against their party congress and to set an antifacist mood for the upcoming elections. Against racism, social redistribution bottom-up and patriarchal gender ideology, neither within or outside the Afd. We guarantee that the nationalistic campaign start won‘t run smoothly.


Against authoritarian desolation, stop the formation of right winged! Our alternative: solidarity!


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