Gr: Attack against a member of "Ship to Gaza" Campaign.

Ships for Gaza!

During the afternoon of Sunday 4th April, professor Vaggelis Pissias, member of "Ship to Gaza" initiative had a threatening phone call by an English language speaker accusing him as a supporter of "the Palestinian terrorism". In the mourning of Monday, Vaggelis found his car with broken glasses, without having anything been stolen. This incident refers to and reminds of regular practice of the Israeli state or/and its secret agencies' that are trying in vain to terrorise people who, since years now, have dedicated their lives in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


The "Ship to Gaza" Movement was set up by fighters and comrades for the participation with Greek ships in the international flotilla of ships that will leave in early May with direction to Gaza, to brake the siege of Israel. The ships will be given to the Palestinian people establishing a permanent sea communication line between Gaza Strip and the outside world.


In August 2008, two Greek fish-boats were the first ships that after 41 years (after the war of '67) sailed into Palestinian water and tied their ropes on the small fish-port of Gaza Strip. Vaggelis Pissias was one of the crew of Free Gaza International Mission. 10 Greek citizens have also participated. After this, 4 more successful missions followed. After the invasion of the Israeli army in Gaza, in December 2008, the Israeli navy punctured Free Gaza's "Dignity" ship and in June 2009 occupied "Arionas" ship.


The threatening phone call to Vaggelis happens almost on the same time when Jean Cohen - image maker of the Israeli state and active with casino business in Greece - started publishing against "Ship to Gaza" initiative blaming also certain members of the Greek mission as "supporters of terrorists". Interview video with Vaggelis Pissias and Jean Cohen after the occupation of "Arionas" ship by the Israeli navy (english subtitles):


GAZA WE ARE COMING documentary, 23rd of August 2009:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


We shall also not forget the murders of Rachel Corrie and other members of International Solidarity Movement by the so-called "one and only democratic state in Middle East" ...