Solidarity with all Refugees!


Berlin’s Government wants to extent the lagers at former Airport Tempelhof - Demonstration against the establishment of a mass camp on „Tempelhofer Feld“

On Saturday, the 23rd of January 2016, we want to protest against the planned expansion of the lagers at the former airport Tempelhof, against the democratically made Tempelhof-Law, against the profit-making with Refugees, against the horrible conditions in the refugee-camps and especially we protest against the housing of people in lagers in general!!

The demonstration starts at 2 o´clock pm (14:00) at Platz der Luftbrücke. From there, we will walk on to the Field of the former airport Tempelhof, to show the people who have to live in the camp our solidarity.

No instrumentalization of refugees for the sake of Gentrification!

The senate of Berlin is currently planning to overturn the law regarding the development of the Tempelhofer Feld, which has been decided in a referendum in 2015. It is one of the very rare democratically decided laws, and of course a thorn in the flesh of the neo-liberal government. And now, the politics use Refugees for the purpose of Gentrification. There shall be big halls built on the field, in which an (differently) announced amount of people between 6000-15000 should be housed. But if the so called Tempelhof – law is stumbling, the way is free for the senate to also prepare the area for much more profitable luxurious apartments and other lucrative real estate.


No lagers!

At the moment, the old airport is already housing more than 2200 people. The living conditions are catastrophic. Not only the refugees who are forced to live there but also the Flüchtlingsrat is complaining about the conditions enormously. Until lately, there were no showers, the hygienic conditions are absolutely unacceptable. Furthermore, the medical care is very bad and instead of the by law obligated 6m² per person, each person just has about 2m² for his / her own. The housing in those camps is no solution with future. Officially, the accommodation in the emergency shelters is just for short-term. But in fact, a lot of people have been living there since the opening in October last year, and there is no improvement of their living conditions in sight.


No profits with refugees!

The camps inside of the former airport are currently managed by Michael Elias, who is the manager of Tamaja GmbH. That means, that not the state is taking care of shelter seeking people, instead, they are relying on a greedy, private businessman who runs the camp to make money, not out of any other reasons! A lot of inhabitants are reporting about the despotism of the camp-management and also of the private security-services. Sick people are often not treated, or just not treated properly. Also violent conflicts happen between the securities, who are reportedly aggressive and bossy, and the inhabitants. There are also some people who get advantages, just for some personal preference of the staff, but not out of equality. And even if its already winter, Elias is still responsible for some people who got homeless and had to sleep on the streets and find new shelters, just because in his own interest to mark his territory and to have the most possible power in the camp. This is absolutely not acceptable and has to be punished by law! Our interest is not just to show all the corruption and bad conditions in the camps, but to show that it is part of the system. As long as its possible, that private businessmen_women are able to run refugee-camps out of capitalistic interests, to rule over other human beings for the sake of making money, those businessmen_women will use it.

Who makes war, doesn´t give charity!

The requirement for a flat cannot be dependent on origin, look, gender, sexuality or income. Housing space has to be there for everyone! While Germany is representing itself as an absolutely selfless, charity-nation, the government is actually doing the best it can to shut down the borders. But the fled people from all over the world, who are coming to Germany don´t owe that country, which is living on the exploitation of that origin-countries, anything at all! Furthermore, the government of Germany is also co-responsible for the wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Kurdistan, Azawad – everywhere there are murdering German soldiers, German money and German weapons.


Fight the lagers, fight the system!


Lets demonstrate together and show solidarity with all Refugees on the demonstration at the Tempelhofer Feld, January 23rd 2016!