Uranium Film Festival in Berlin 4 to 12 October

Uranium Film Festival in Berlin

The Uranium Film Festival from Rio de Janeiro is traveling to Berlin - together with several films from Australian filmmakers. From October 4th to 12th the festival will screen more than 50 "nuclear" documentaries and movies in the two cinemas, Eiszeit and Moviemento, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Most of the films from all continents about nuclear power, uranium mining, atomic bombs, radioactive and nuclear accidents or about depleted uranium weapons will be in English, in German or with German subtitles.


The Australian films are: "Australian Atomic Confessions", "Maralinga Pieces", "Blowin' in the Wind", "WHEN THE DUST SETTLES", "Dirt Cheap 30 Years On: The Story of Uranium Mining in Kakadu" and "FIGHT FOR COUNTRY - The story of the Jabiluka Blockade".


Films from other countries are "Hiroshima, A Mother's Prayer", "Hibakusha, Our Life to Live", "BEATING THE BOMB", "CAESIUM 137 - THE DEATH SHINE", "The Red Button", "Leonids Story", "Uranium 238", "The Return of Navajo Boy", "INVISIBLE WAR", "YELLOW CAKE - The Dirt Behind Uranium", "BUDDHA WEEPS IN JADUGODA", "Rokkasho Rhapsody" and "Into Eternity".


Participation by more than 10 filmmakers and producers from USA, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine, India and Italy is confirmed. you'll be able to meet film directors David Rothauser (USA), Shriprakash (India), Frieder F. Wagner (Germany), Joachim Tschirner (Germany), Rainer Ludwigs (Germany), Laura Pires (Brazil), Maurizio Torrealta (Italy), Flaviano Masella (Italy), Marko Kattilakoski (Sweden), Clarissa Seidel (Germany), Ângelo José do Rego da Cunha Lima (Brazil), Luiz Eduardo Jorge (Brazil), Kerstin Schnatz (Germany) and Tetyana Chernyavska (Ukraine).

See the complete programm at the festival website:
Contact: info@uraniumfilmfestival.org