Gambia: Gunjur, Kartong Youths Embark on Beach Cleansing

Gunjur, Kartong Youths Embark on Beach Cleansing

On Thursday 8 June, 2017, young people and other stakeholders jointly embarked on cleaning exercise on the Gunjur beach in Kombo South


By Saikou Suwareh Jabai

Lamin Touray a native of Gunjur said the cleaning was done to sensitize and clean their environment because lately, a lot has happened, so they deemed it fitting as a community to make sure their environment is clean.

He added that a great source of their meal comes from fish so if the ocean is polluted automatically there will be high tendency of them having diarrhea.

He concluded: “We will make sure our health and environment are not compromised.”

Mr. Doudou Touray, a participant, said the cleaning is very important because a clean environment enhances a healthy life.

“Clean environment is part of life and we need to come together and help clean our environment,” he said.

Mr Touray urged the youths to come together and continue their efforts on community development.

Omar Diamon Darbor from Gunjur VDC and Gunjur Kartong Environmental Group said environmental cleaning exercise is a collective responsibility.

“We don’t want our environment to be polluted, that’s why we come together to clean up our environment as concerned citizens,” he said.

Mustapha Manneh an activist said the environment is important and it needs to be taken care of.

He remarked, “That is why we volunteered to come and clean this environment. If we don’t clean our environment it will turn to stinking coast” .

Lamin Sawo said Gunjur and kartong are tourists developing centers so they need a clean environment. “We want the youths and every Kombo South resident to help and most importantly the fishermen to see the beach as their homes and take good care of it.

Jenny, a tourist at the Gunjur Project Lodge, expressed delight that the people from Eco-tourism lodge, Nemasu lodge, youths and a lot more are coming together to help clean the beach.