The daily resistance at Oplatz-Berlin

The burned down "House Of 28 Doors" and the Info Point (the white-orange contrainer)

The texts below are a copy-paste from a movement newsletter we use to communicate. Maybe its interessting to explain to the public how the daily resistance at Oranienplatz looks like - beside of the big soli-events and demonstrations.



Am 06.07.2015 um 18:57 schrieb




right now the police is taking away the destroyed container at oplatz.
Probably nobody want to fight for this destroyed container but for the info point in general and the stuff inside.

people of the movement have still some stuff in it. the police deny to give them back their stuff.

Please come around to support the people of the movement.


2015-07-06 21:31 GMT+02:00

 Finally, the situation could be solved. People of the movement could get their stuff back, after the
    stubborn police man talked to his officials and to activists. However, they were present as well after
    the negotiations, also after 8pm, when I left.


We have to think about future steps for the Oplatz as a symbol of the movement, with a renewed
    (probably mobile) building or without any info point.


Am 07.07.2015 um 01:20 schrieb

Police: The woman to whom these things belong will be punished. Or what would you say if I just put my things in your house?!
Me: But this is not your house! This is the house of the movement!
Police: HÄH??? Which movement??
Me: The refugee movement! Don`t you live in Berlin, haven`t you heard of it?
Police: no, mumble, bla bla bla
and then the police woman just said it in my face: There is no movement. Where is it? The refugee movement has dissolved two month ago. There is no movement.


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