On November 13, 2013, 5 anarchist comrades were arrested in Barcelona – Spain

Solidarity with 5 Anarchist from Barcelona

On November 13, 2013, 5 anarchist comrades were the arrested in Barcelona, ​​they have been accused of belonging to a “terrorist organization” and the placement of an explosive device in the Basilica del Pilar (Zaragoza, Spain). The case was transferred to the Supreme Court in Madrid and 3 of them were released with charges 5 days later while the two others were imprisoned. They are all being charged with ” belonging to a terrorist organization “, ” raising havoc “, and “conspiring to raise havoc.” The incarcerated comrades , Francisco and Monica are currently in FIES regimen 2 in 2 diferent prisons in Madrid: Navalcarnero and Estremera . They are in good spirits and staying strong.


The entire ” police operation ” involved in a high degree of media hype , the press placed great emphasis on the danger of detainees ( including publishing the photos despite being prohibited by the journalistic code of ethics ), as belonging to an terrorist organization with a longer name than a movie by Almodóvar and more dangerousness in international character than a poor imitator of Al- Qaeda . Clearly the press was making public what the police officers told them they had to publish . Fulfilling its role , trying to create a climate of fear and alarm among a population whose main concerns are not those of a church´s bad luck or being killed in an anarchist bombing, but whose main concerns are the daily consequences of capitalist plunder and State aggression .

If a terrorist is one who strikes terror , the media isnt much diferent than Al- Qaeda . What to say about this situation? Simply that the anarchist tradition was always present in their attacks and defense against Power, both in words and deeds, with explosives, yes, but also in general strikes, social centers and publications . Anarchism has always wanted to build a world without rulers or subjects, without exploitation or oppression , and therefore , has always wanted to destroy a world of authority , misery and infamy , since it is totally incompatible with freedom.

Despite what  the state and the press says , despite social pacification by civility and other anaesthetic methods for people to work , eat and shut up the struggle against domination will continue by whatever means necessary. However violent or hard they may be they pale in comparison to the systematic ultra-violence of the state and capital , which condemns to exploitation , hunger and death.

What about the Catholic Church? The architect of thousands of deaths , terrorizing millions of minds since childhood , dictating their repugnant views of millions of bodies , capitalizing on poverty and suffering. A hierarchical organization of terror and repression such as the Church ( of any kind) does not deserve any pity when it is attacked . What about the monarchy ? Parasitic institution that live, like the Church, at our expense and represent the state and the army , apparatus of repression and authority. The misfortunes of the royal house won´t cause us to shed a tear.

What about the banks, companies , politicians … ? Their destruction can only be received with a smile . But the inherently unjust and cruel faces of our enemies are never mentioned . It couldn´t have played out any other way- power must be maintained and disorderly factors isolated and combated. Nothing could be more logical coming from the state , capitalism and its lackeys. It is their duty . Ours , our self-imposed duty is to support our comrades and to keep fighting until no stone remains in the tower of authority, until no jail remains standing and until anyone that would tell someone else what to do ceases to exist.

Solidarity with 5 arrested comrades in Barcelona and all persecuted, imprisoned , and repressed comrades throughout the globe.  Death to state and long live anarchy!

Monica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
CP Madrid VII Estremera
Crta. M-241 km 5,750
28595 Madrid

Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
CP Madrid IV Navalcarnero
Crta. N-V km 27,7
28600 Madrid


December 16–22, 2013: International solidarity action week