Ort: Kanilai – Juni 2017

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05.06.2017 Gambia: One dead, six injured in Kanilai demo
05.06.2017 Gambia: Interior Minister Accuses Foni Protesters Of Provocation
05.06.2017 Gambia: Foni Residents Deny Carrying Arms At Kanilai Protest
05.06.2017 Gambia: President Barrow Refuses To Condemn Shooting Of Foni Protesters
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai protest ‘will not be accepted’: Prexy Barrow
05.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai In Flames; As Senegalese Soldiers Reportedly Shot At Two Demonstrators
05.06.2017 Gambia: A Furious Gambian Interior Minister Claims That The Kanilai Protesters Were Not Only Violent, But They Were Armed With Traditional Weapons;
05.06.2017 Gambia: One person dead in Kanilai protest
05.06.2017 Gambia’s opposition GDC condemns demonstrator’s killing
05.06.2017 Gambia: Arrest toll in ex-ruler’s home village rises to 22
05.06.2017 Gambia’s president extends mandate of West African forces
06.06.2017 ECOMIG forces in Gambia for another one year
06.06.2017 ECOWAS Extends Military Mission In Gambia
06.06.2017 Gambia’s Opposition Calls For Investigation Into Shooting Of Unarmed Foni Protesters
06.06.2017 Gambia: Injured Foni Protester Dies
06.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai Alkalo Never Evaded Arrest; As Alkalo’s Son Debunks Mai Fatty’s Claims;
08.06.2017 Gambia: ARRESTS IN FONI Following Friday’s demo
08.06.2017 Gambia: Hon. Amul Nyassi appeals for peace in Kanilai
08.06.2017 Gambia Charges Foni Protesters With Unlawful Assembly
08.06.2017 Gambia: Politics Of Revenge Does Not Promote Peace
12.06.2017 Gambia: Normalcy will not return to Kanilai unless all are safe to return and no curfew is imposed
12.06.2017 Gambia: Illegal Curfew in Kanilai
12.06.2017 Gambia: ‘‘I Would Rather Face The Law, Than Hide’’ – Kanilai Alkalo Told Foroyaa
12.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai situation calm Haruna Jatta laid to rest
12.06.2017 Gambia: Court Grants Kanilia Protesters Bail
12.06.2017 Gambia: Two soldiers arrested in Kanilai
12.06.2017 Gambia: Kanilai military camp re-opens
12.06.2017 Gambia: Halifa Sallah Breaks Silence On Foni Protest, Pertinent Issues
12.06.2017 Gambia: No Curfew In Kanilai, Says Interior Minister Mai Fatty
13.06.2017 Gambia: Let’s Rebuild Foni!
15.06.2017 Gambia: Kanila Women Gardeners Call for Gov't Intervention
28.06.2017 Gambia: Truth and Reconciliation draft bill is ready - Director of Press, More updates from OP
28.06.2017 Gambia: Bail To Soldier Held For Taking Part In Kanilai Protest