The Hague: Second church squatted by refugees in the NLs!

A group of 40 refugees has squatted an empy church in The Hague on the 12th of January 2013.

The protests continue...  A group of 40 refugees who were evicted in december from a tentcamp in The Hague (28 people arrested of which 21 asylumseekers and 7 sympathisers) have squatted an empy church in the Hague on the 12th of January 2013. There was also plans of starting a new protest camp in The Hague, but it was forbitten by the mayor. Mainly Iraq asylumseekers here while the Vluchtkerk in Amsterdam has mainly African protestors.


Kerk bezet voor opvang vluchtelingen (12/01/2013):

Informatie over de rol van de kerk:

Persbericht: Burgemeester verbiedt vluchtelingenkamp (15/01/2013)

Recht Op Bestaan! - Updates

Na de vluchtelingen tentenkampen in Ter Apel, Den Bosch, Zwolle en Sellingen voert sinds 19 september 2012 een groep uitgeprocedeerde vluchtelingen actie in Den Haag tegen het keiharde migratiebeleid. Het actiekamp “Recht op bestaan” bevindt zich op de Koekamp, een grasveld bij station Den Haag Centraal.

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The Hague: refugees evicted from protest camp


On Thursday 13 December 2012, a terrible thing happened in centre of The Hague, the administrative and political capital of the Netherlands. The next morning, Koekamp (Cow Camp), a grassy area near Central Station, bore signs of violence. Police vehicles had gouged deep gashes in the earth; tent poles were bent, cut and lay twisted on the ground. Horses’ hooves criss-crossed the Koekamp, suggesting a battle had been fought here. All this evidence pointed to what had taken place: the rapid and forceful destruction of a refugee protest camp, where for almost three months, from 18 September to 13 December, between forty and eighty protestors had sought the right to remain in safety in the Netherlands. Their demands centred on what they termed the ‘right to exist’ (a literal translation of their website, Many Koekamp protestors were Iraqis, who cannot return to their home country. The battle of the Koekamp was a serious setback for human rights and justice, undermining the claim of The Hague to be an International City of Peace and Justice...

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From despair comes resistance

Asylum-seekers and migrants across Europe are determined to change the inhuman circumstances of their existence.
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Article in german about the protests in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lille and Vienna:

Die Proteste der Flüchtlinge gehen weiter - in Wien und anderswo ...


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