!Freedom Now!


If you fight against the state, if you fight for a better world, fight for freedom, there is a chance that you will get thrown to the cage – that is the place where I stay. For over 15 years now. In the infernal regions, kept in isolation for security reasons, for more than 10 years. I was arrested in 1996, and only released into the general prison population in 2007.

In October 1996 I was arrested after a bank robbery to raise money for left-wing projects – legal and illegal ones. I was convicted to 11 and a ½ years and P.D. (Preventive Detention, based on a Nazi-law from 1933 which permits the state to keep me in custody for a life-time, as long as they believe that I am a “threat to public safety”). Because I fought back strong they kept me in isolation for more than 10 years; I have spent the last 4 years in the general prison population, but I refuse to cooperate with the state nor accept forced labour. So a 2009 parole court found no reason to release me. In 2013 my sentence will be completed and I will get transferred to another maximum security prison for the P.D. In fact the P.D. should have began in 2008, but I have had a few more trials in the last decade for “insulting judges / politicians and prison staff”; for that I got another 5 and a ½ years (not a joke!).

No person was killed by me, no one was injured (for the hostages in the bank there was trauma, we should not close one's eyes to that, but that was more than 15 years ago now); I don't know how long the state will keep me in it's cages but there is no way for me to “co-operate” with them. Nor with the prison staff, nor with the courts, nor with psychologists or anyone else from the state.

I am sure there is little chance that the courts will set me free in the next 5 or more years; but if people outside show the Governor that there is a strong movement and support, he may throw me out of the cage.

So I would really appreciate it if you could write letters and e-mails to:

Ministerpräsident (Title of the governor in Germany)
Mr. Kretschmann
Richard Wagner Str.15
D-70184 Stuttgart

Fax: 0049-711-2153-340
Phone: 0049-711-21530
E-mail: poststelle@stm.bwl.de

and request him to give me liberty!

In the struggle!

Thomas Meyer-Falk
c/o JVA-Zelle 3113
Schoenbornstr. 32
D-76646 Bruchsal