Weapons from the hiding places are clean


Ballistics examination shows that the weapons found in Nea Smyrna and Piraeus were not used in previous assaults of the Sect of the revolutionaries, said the Greek state television.
Police continue to investigate the weapons found in the other two hiding places that were broken into during the night. As we already reported the third is in the city of Agrinio, and the fourth in the Athens district of Kallithea. There, the police discovered hand grenades and bulletproof vests.
    The police examination of the house near Sitia on the island of Crete ended with the detention of a suspicious young man who was transported for questioning in Athens. With him were not found weapons, but only printed leaflets. Greek media are talking about dozens of detainees and against 9 of them are issued arrest warrants. Among the arrested people there was also a woman. Two of those arrested are from the hiding place in Nea Smyrna and the rest were detained in the district Exarchate and in the city Agrinio. Still there is no official announcement of the police.

Meanwhile, a bag of weapons and ammunition was found by the police in a wooded area in Platanitsi, on the Halkidiki peninsula. In the abandoned bag there was an automatic gun Kalashnikov, a gun of the type Scorpion, two rounds of ammunition, 18 bullets and gloves. Close to the bag the police found an abandoned car, which turned out to be stolen. There was and baseball cap with the inscription: "Greek police".

Initial assessment of the experts is that breaking into the hiding places is undoubtedly a great success for the Greek police, which could lead to the identification of key participants in the paramilitary circles of Athens. In all four sites were found considerable quantities of ammunition and weapons that would be used with only one goal – taking human lives. The results of the ballistic expertise proved that these weapons have not been used in terrorist acts until now. However, they are of the same type that the sect of revolutionaries used in the murder of the journalist Sotiris Giolias and the policeman Nektarios Savas, as well as in armed attacks against the police station in Korydallos and against Alter TV.