Gambia: 7th Day Charity Conducted for late Krubally Whilst Family Claim to Have Been Denied Witnessing postmortem

Lamin Kruballay

Family members of the late Lamin Krubally, who was found dead in police custody, said they did not have access to the postmortem results of their loved one.


By Mustapha Jallow

The devastated family and friends of the deceased who are still mourning their loved one, yesterday 18 July 2017, held a seventh day charity for Kurubally, who died on the 12th July 2017, while in police custody. The family conducted a well-attended recitation of the holy Quran that was attended by neighbours and relatives from upcountry, in his honour. It was a very somber mood in the home of the deceased.

Ebrima Faal, brother of the deceased said he heard news in the morning that the postmortem report was out and narrated the cause of Krubally’s death; that they went to Police headquarters to request for a copy of the postmortem but to their surprise, a senior officer at the Major Crimes Unit, told them that the postmortem result was not out and could take weeks before they are able to lay hands on it.

"We had no other option but to go home as the police promised to consult us when the results were out," he said.

"The family is observing the 7 day charity of the helpless soul of my husband who died in state custody. We are deeply saddened. We want the facts to come out because he is gone and will never come back. How did my husband die and why he died in a police cell while in detention, is all that I want to know. And we will continue searching for these answers, until we get them," the wife of the deceased said.

It could be recalled that the late Krubally was arrested, detained and he later died in a police cell at the Nema Kunku Police station on Wednesday, 12 July 2017, around 6pm. He was finally buried on the 17th July at the Nema-Kunku cemetery, after a well-attended funeral service conducted in his honour.

Inspector Foday Conta, the Police spokesperson was contacted to shed light on why the family of the late Krubally was not given a copy of the postmortem result but he could not be reached for comments.