Gambia: APRC Leader Says “If Hitler’s Nazi Germany Supporters Can Celebrate After Murdering Millions Of Jews; Why Not The APRC Supporters?”


The leader of Gambia’s former ruling party, the APRC’s Fabakary Tombong Jatta says if Hitler’s disbanded Nazi party supporters of Germany, can celebrate after killing millions of Jews during the holocaust, why not dictator Yahya Jammeh’s APRC party.  Mr. Jatta made the ridiculous comparison on Wednesday during a news conference, where he told journalists that his party has been denied permit to celebrate its twenty-three years of existence. Mr. Jatta says there was no justification for the permit denial. He tried to make a comparison between the supporters of Hitler’s Nazi Germany supporters, the KKK group in the US and the exiled dictator Yahya Jammeh’s APRC party. The politician says it is unfair for the coalition government to deny them permit just because of the former junta, which toppled Jawara’s thirty years rule.

By Pa Nderry M'Bai

“We are a political party. Is that not true? Don’t we reserve the right to celebrate our existence and achievements on that day? Why do you drag us to be specific to the July 1994 coup? Why not in 1996? Because this party came into being in 1996. Why 1994, all the time? So, you want to mislead people. You are afraid to give us permit because of our strength. Let us not confuse things. There was July 1994, which ushered this one. After two year term, we established a party. We are not talking about anything. We are talking about our party. The achievements in this country are done by the APRC party. Can’t we celebrate that? Is it criminal to celebrate it? Should we be denied to celebrate it?,” Jatta rhetorically asked.

A fuming Fabakary Tombong Jatta, wasted no time in comparing the situation in Nazi Germany, under Hitler’s watch and that of the APRC party, headed by Africa’s most lethal and genocidal despot Yahya Jameh. It’s Mr. Jatta’s contention that if Hitler’s supporters can celebrate after killing millions of Jews, why not the APRC party.

“In Nazi Germany; the Nazis who caused slaughter of millions of Jews celebrate and are not denied. The KKK in the United States with all their black hindrances and all these things; they celebrate; they are not denied the right. Why should we be denied? They came with the platform of new Gambia; that we were dictators,” he added.

Mr. Jatta, used the news conference to tabulate what he calls the numerous developmental projects spearheaded by the former Jammeh administration. He credited the former dictator Yahya Jammeh for the success stories recorded under his rule, especially in the area of health, education, agriculture, the economy, and infrastructure.

Mr. Jatta also said thanks to dictator Jammeh, Gambia’s crime rate was reduced, and citizens and non-citizens alike enjoyed the relative peace in the country.

Mr. Jatta said his party intends to organize a prayer session on the eve of the party’s anniversary, which would be followed by a political rally.

He used the press conference to call out the media for failing to vigorously investigate and report on the murder of Haruna Jatta of Kanilai, who was killed by members of the Senegalese forces. Jatta says there is a total media blackout in the Gambia on issues relating to the murder of Haruna Jatta. He implored on the press to do their work and stop cherry-picking on stories to cover.

Mr. Jatta also called on the Barrow government to focus on fixing the economy than spending their precious time worrying about Yahya Jammeh, who is no longer the president of the country. He says the Gambia has enough economic and developmental challenges on its plate to fix than pouncing on Jammeh’s name.

Mr. Jatta also accuses the regime of paranoia, and lack of sense of direction in steering the affairs of the state. He wants the Barow government to make food affordable to Gambians; improve the working conditions of government workers; fix the current power outages and the security issues facing the country.

Mr. Jatta also scolded president Barrow for not respecting the country’s laws by failing to appoint a Vice President. He says since assuming the presidency in December, Mr. Barrow is yet to appoint a Vice President, This, he says, is a flagrant violation of the constitution.

” We need a Vice President. The president should appoint a Vice president,” Jatta remarked.

Mr. Jatta called on the government to respect the rule of law and treat all Gambians equally irrespective of one’s political affiliation. He claimed that his party is being unfairly treated and discriminated by the Barrow government. He cited the Kanilai incident, in which some peaceful protesters were shot at, leaving one killed, while some coalition youths, who allegedly disturbed the peace at the KMC markets and its environs were let go scot free.

Written By A Staff Reporter