Gambia: I Found My Husband’s Lifeless Body In A Police Cell

Lamin Kurubally

(JollofNews) – Wearing a white traditional robe, Rohey Jarju sobbed uncontrollably as she watched a congregation of about 300 men reciting the Qur’an in memory of her husband who died just seven days ago in a police cell.


Her husband, Lamin Krubally, 34,  died in police custody last Wednesday shortly after he was arrested for affray.

A medical report said he died of serious injuries to the head.

Police said Krubally had a fight with another man identified as Lamarana Jallow. Both men were initially arrested but a decision was later made after medical examination to release Jallow who sustained serious injuries in the fight on bail while Krubally who had minor injuries was charged and detained.

A police spokesman said while in detention, Krubally, a father of two, repeatedly hit his head against the wall and caused injuries to the head before the officers could get to him.

He added that by the time officers entered the cell, Krubally had already collapsed and was lying on the floor. He later died on the way to hospital and was laid to rest on Monday.

But according to Rohey, the police version of events was false and misleading.

“When I heard news of my husband’s arrest, I went to Nema Kunku Police Station to ask him what dish he would like me to prepare for him for lunch. But when I got to the police station I found him lying face down in his cell,” she told our reporter.

“I found my husband alone in the cell and I called him several times but he did not answer. I then called the attention of the police and one officer went into the cell and tried to lift my husband up but no part of his body moved.

“After a while, I was allowed by the police to get into the cell but despite my best effort, I was not able to revive him.”

Wiping away tears, Rohey said she was left with the responsibility of breaking the news to relatives and her two children that their daddy was never coming home.

She added: “After breaking the news to my family and relatives, I went back to the police station with my landlord and found a vehicle waiting to move my husband’s body to the Faji-Kunda Health Centre.”

By Mustapha Jallow, Banjul