Gambia: Manneh Family Mourn Death of Daily Observer Journalist


The Manneh family in Lamin village, yesterday, 11 July 2017 around 9am, mourned the horrific death of the former Daily Observer journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh.


By Mustapha Jallow

The disappearance of Chief Manneh was for the first time commemorated by the family in Lamin who recited the Quran 12 times.

During the ceremony, relatives, friends, neighbours, sympathisers, local and foreign Journalists expressed grief and sorrow.

In grieving over the assassination of their loved one intensified, tears rolled down their cheeks. The Manneh family has now accepted that Chief Manneh was murdered by security officers working for former President, Yahya Jammeh.

His father, Sarjo Manneh aged 98 described his son as a good person and a pious Muslim. He continued to call on President Barrow’s gov’t to investigate and bring to book those responsible for the death of his son.

The old man said that Chief was the breadwinner of the family and his death has caused lots of suffering to them, especially the young children. ‘‘I cannot understand why my son was killed by Yaya Jammeh’s regime ‘mansa’,’ he said.

The old man stated that he has the belief that one day, justice would prevail for the Manneh family and other victims of Yaya Jammeh’s 22 years rule.

Chief’s sister Adama Manneh remarked: “Some people said he was killed and thrown into a well. Some said he was buried in some place in Kanilai. No one has come forward as a witness in his case. All those involved have reportedly fled.”

She said they knew that he is dead but they want to know who is behind his death and the reason why he was killed.

‘‘We also want to have a proper burial for him as a Muslim. Each time we think about him, it is like his death is new. We don’t know how to move on. At least if we have seen the body, that will be better,” she concluded.

Chief Ebrima Manneh reported for work at the Daily Observer on 7 July 2006 and according to testimonies at the ECOWAS Court he was abducted by security officers. Since that day he was never seen in public.