Berlin Premiere of the documentary "Huligladni"

Huligladni - The February 2014 Protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina In February 2014, the biggest social movement since the 1992-95 war started in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It began in solidarity with the workers of privatized factories in Tuzla who were attacked by the police as they were protesting to get their unpaid wages. A few days later, the movement had spread to the whole of Bosnia and several government buildings were in flames. Hundreds of people started to organise in assemblies in more than 20 towns, putting radically in question the nationalist frameworks that had been imposed on them since the war. However, three months after, the movement had lost a lot of its momentum.
In "Huligladni", the Year01 Videocollective, that was in Bosnia during the first week of the revolt and returned to the country eight months later, presents the unfolding of these events. To try to understand what ignited the protests, but also which limits and contradictions finally brought the movement to an end.


A conversation with one participant to the struggle will follow after the screening.


Trailer : watch?v=3Zr7NhiA7HA

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