The Gambia Police Public Relation Officer has called on the public to maintain the peace and avoid conflict in this post-election era.


Foday Conta advised the public that they must not abuse the new born democracy by abusing and assaulting each other, instead  they should embrace the new  democracy and work as one Gambia, one people which will help in our development endeavours and be law abiding at all times.

PRO Conta was responding to questions relating to a conflict between UDP supporters and a shopkeeper they were asking to leave Bakadagie, Jimara district to vacate the village. He said people need not venture in such acts because it may jeopardise our national unity.

Conta told Foroyaa that the police was aware of the incident and that has prompted it to send its operation commander, Landing Bojang to see what exactly transpired and employ means of solving the problem amicably.

He noted that though Momodou’s shop was turned upside down the villagers helped to put it in order, because the matter has been resolved peacefully.

PRO Conta reiterated that no one has the right to vacate any area area based on politics because all these parties are legitimately registered and that everyone has the right to support the party that he or she likes. He said this kind of thing is common everywhere due to the different level of understanding, but what is important is to responsibly tackle the aftermath and instill in the people the need to unite.

Foday Conta pointed out that such act is not welcomed anywhere in the world and Gambia is by no means an exception  and that is why the Gambia Police sent its operation chief to Bakadagie with a view to maintaining peace. He said this is a new and young government and it is our collective responsibility to protect The Gambia and her people for all to live in peace and harmony .He also revealed that the police will keep sensitizing the public to desist from this kind of ugly scenario. He advised that whoever is abused should go to the police for redress and whoever defaults after the investigation will be dealt with according to law.

Conta argued that people need not venture in to such acts, because it will endanger our national unity. He stressed that the police has a duty of protecting lives and properties and to ensure that the rights of the people are protected and guaranteed.