Australian banks under mounting pressure to shun coal

Young, Black and Powerful

We sat through a boring banks inquiry in Parliament so you didn’t have to. And we’re glad we did because Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer went on record agreeing that they need to move away from fossil fuel investments (click here to watch it). This is big - they’ve changed their tune since their shareholder meeting last year when they refused to give us a straight answer about climate change, Adani’s coal projects, or their own climate policy.

That means your pressure is working. All those times you’ve taken an action: written on Westpac’s Facebook wall, wrote them emails, signed petitions, and generally made noise - it’s making an impact. But we can’t stop now.


Together we’ve got to ramp up the campaign to get a commitment from Westpac not to fund any new coal mines so we can stop any money from going to Adani or outdated fossil fuels.


In the next few weeks young people across the country are going to:


    Adopt 150 local Westpac bank branches - having hundreds of conversations with Westpac staff supporting them to raise their concerns internally. Adopt your local Westpac branch today!

    200 actions outside of Westpac branches and their HQ in Sydney in the lead up to their 200th anniversary


    Cheeky content for you to share on Facebook


It’s going to take all of us. AYCC and Seed have been campaigning against the big banks for 3 years now, pushing them further and further towards ruling out coal investments. Click here to take action on our “Don’t Bank on Coal” hub!

There’s no doubt Westpac are shaking in their boots at the thought of thousands of people just like you coming after their brand, building relationships with their staff, and hitting them from every angle to make our message clear:


We will stop Adani.

Get pumped, because together we’re going to smash them!

Gemma, on behalf of the AYCC team

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition · Australia