Gambia: The Release of Detainees and Investigation on the State of Disappeared Persons


Soon after the assumption of power a good number of persons arrested and detained without trial under the former regime have been released. But there are a few of them who are still detained such as Ebrima Sanyang, (alias Ndongo Tobb) of Farato and Tumanni Jallow a state guard. They have been detained for more than 72 hours without being taken to court in contravention of the Constitution. To avoid slippages these detainees should either be taken to court or be released either conditionally or unconditionally. This is the only way this government can speak the language of the constitution.

Regarding persons who disappeared during the time of the former regime, the lack of an official statement on the issue has led many to be coming to Foroyaa to appeal to the government to release these disappeared persons, dead or alive. They always ask the question whether their loved ones are dead or alive.

The authorities need to involve them and reassure them through their words and deeds and thereby keep their temper until the matter is finally resolved.

Foroyaa will provide a list of persons who disappeared since the former regime as well as those who have been detained for more than 72 hours without appearing in court to the ministers of the interior and justice for their attention.

Needless to say, we should never slide back to the practices of the past.