Youths hold standoff protest demanding NAMs to resign

Youth holding postcards

Youths from different organisations across the country, on Tuesday, 31 January, 2017 held a stand-off protest calling for National Assembly members to resign.



Participants came from 11 youth led movements and national organisations, at least 2 people from each of the 48 constituencies across the country.

The young people applied for a permit from the police which was granted to enable them go ahead with the protest.

During the protest, youths assembled in front of the main gate of the National Assembly and sang the National Anthem, later, for about three hours they started chanting slogans calling for National Assembly Members to resign.

For about 3 hours, young people were holding campaign banners and post cards containing demanding messages, marching around the National Assembly chanting slogans for the NAMs to step down.

The organisers want the NAMs to apologise, revoke certain laws and resign. They say that while the first two conditions have been met they are yet to resign.