Rojava: No Pasaran! ISIS attack on International Freedom Battalion base foiled


No Pasaran! ISIS attack on our base foiled 20.12.2016


Using the cover of rain and darkness that affects our equipment ISIS managed to approach our position. They attacked with Kalashnikovs, Bixie heavy machine guns and biswing RPG’s, and even got close enough to throw grenades. We spotted them early and poured fire on them from the roof, and the windows of the second floor, and a third team bravely left the base to engage them on the ground. It was an intense firefight, with some comrades reloading seven times – 210 bullets. After they retreated it was clear we had managed a total victory, with no wounded or dead. We have heard that ISIS are making desperate counter-attacks along the front line, but our morale in the IFB is high, having reacted quickly and without mistakes.


The slogan we chose for our base held true – NO PASARAN! They shall not pass!


(via International Freedom Battalion)