Upcoming Eviction of NoBorder Social Center in Lesvos and Call-Out for Activists!

No Border Kitchen Lesvos

We from No Border Kitchen Lesvos (NBK) are going to need people joining us on the island in October, November and December. Today we got an unpleasant visit from the cops saying our Social Center will be evicted in 5 days. At the same time many people will be leaving at the end of the month. That means that we need your support!


At the moment we have two main projects. One is cooking for the people who refuse to stay in Moria camp and prefer to sleep rough in the forest instead. The other one is our social center . Everyday a lot of people visit us there to hang out, talk, eat and meet each other. Of course thats not all…we also stand with the people protesting on a weekly basis in Lesvos against the inhuman conditions in Moria camp and for freedom of movement.


NBK is a political project that rejects the border regime enforced by the governments of the European Union. We are a mixed group of so called refugees and people with European papers. We work on Lesvos because we believe that Fortress Europe and its borders must be destroyed.
We believe in unconditional freedom of movement for all.
We are an open structure: anyone is welcome to join as long as they agree to our basic anti-authoritarian positions and non-hierarchical form of organization. We are a vegan kitchen, but offer people the possibility to cook their own food. We are individuals and affinity groups who use private donations to support each other. There is no organization behind us. NBK is not here as a group of “volunteers” to fulfill a role of humanitarian charity, nor to “look after” refugees in a paternalistic manner supposedly passive refugees.

NBK is not only about providing food for the people seeking refuge, but also about respecting each other as individuals. Each traveler has his or her own unique aspirations, desires and set of circumstances that brought them to undertake their journey. In our self-organized structure all people regardless of gender, nation and religion are welcome.


If you are think of joining us don’t hesitate but contact us! We recommend to stay for a minimum of two weeks but are especially happy about people who can stay for a little bit longer than that.  For up to date information, check our blog and our accounts on facebook and twitter. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us on our Info-Phone or mailadress (both on the blog).

If you cannot come yourself, you can support us in many other ways!

If you want to support us financially you can donate to the account stated on our blog.


Additionally to that we are also collecting money for an imprisoned friend of ours. If you want to support his and our struggle against the criminalization of migration and the prison system you can send money to one of the supporters of our friend. In this case contact us for the details!


Solidarity to all our friends out there struggling against Europe and its borders!
The No Boder Kitchen Crew


Blog: noborderkitchenlesvos.noblogs.org

Twitter: @noborderkitchen