a kind invitation for holidays from the "greek" revolution

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GERMAN PIGS NEED TO GET TRAINED FOR FUCKING UP GREECE  (a kind invitation for holidays of/from the "greek" revolution)

Here we go because "the survival tips for tourists" are only a print version yet...


a little history-"lesson" about Berlin


first the mobilization video    http://www.erstermai.nostate.net/web/

The sweetness is saying that every fourth german suffers from poverty (Armut), the politician demands in his arrogance of power that the state monopol on violence must get enforced also at first of may, then followed by the slogan of the protesters "we get ya all" against a fascist screaming "Sieg Heil" out of his shithole home last year whilst the antifaschist demonstration against the NPD-HQ (like LAOS) of germoney was passing and sure he got attacked with stones. It all lead to his arrest and to clashes with the cops that brought the reason for the clashes later on. Another corrupt politician's saying that everybody has the right to demonstrate but for the Berliner Chaos Troopers (Chaoten) they only got handcuffs and  ... (i can't understand) - later he means that it's  similiar to war (not civil war, war!) with looting cars and hurting robocops with stones endangers the life of the pigs. The robocops were invented because of the may and one of their first action was to heavy beaten up two police-chiefs in plain white clothes crying "we are ya bosses!" They had the robo-outfit from icehockey and were running without shield through rains of stones and also had their own t-shirts showing the pride for their brutality..    

The historical first 1st of may riots started after 2 fresh occupation by the at this time defensive "squatter"-movement were evicted the same day on 30th of April. Also the Razzia of the Mehringhof on 30th (still existing space in Kreuzberg 61) because of the office of the "Volkszählungsboykott" (boycotting that lakeys of the state wanna check how many sheeps they got on their mega-farm) played a cause.

1st of 1987:

With cops attacking with teargas the traditional left radical/ alternative street fest at Lausitzer Square and gasing little kids on the playground the riots took off immediatly, later on forcing the cops out of Kreuzberg 36 until 4 o'clock in the morning with a wild mass pillaging, looting and in the end hammering the overground tracks and bridges of the subway - that had stopped to commute - with iron batons like an angry indian tribe. I bet the sound's far better than early EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN and i wonder if it was recorded but i think better not because that makes the saga into legend! 

In 88 there was the first "revolutionary 1st of may demo" with some 10000 going under in cop-attack. 20 years later i think that wasn't a defeat because the agitation with own newspapers, fliers and assemblies/gatherings that started weeks before was the deal for today.

I won't talk that much about the biggest 1st of may riot in 89 with 350 injured cops and 78 destroyed/smashed - except from the tanks and the watercannons - all kinds of copcars because this time a few hundred out of towners came to town; but that was normal back then! In these days lots of berlin cops were voting for the "Republikaner"  - a party like a mix of hc-ND and LAOS. Important is also that the Berlin Pigs were trained like para-troops because before the wall came down no german army was allowed in Berlin!




this years 1st of may seems to get huge, there are many callouts for demos all over germany. //Here are the 1st of may calls from Dosenland (better ignore the white settler shit at 1st comment?):http://de.indymedia.org/2010/04/277742.shtml//

People seem to learn from the history of the social revolutionary movements that is routed in big wildcat strikes in 1969 in volkswagen-factories in Wolfsburg, occupations for youth centers beginning of the seventies, militant „Häuserkampf“ (occupations for collective homes and against speculations; sometimes they've tried to be like the towers in Mani) in mid seventies and the movement for a society without prisons that has itself risen up out of the hungerstrikes of political prisoners When social prisoners joint the struggles.

Some of us defined politics as a tricky structure and tool of the man to canalize resistance and split the classes. Anti-Politics meant to create actions that speak out of itself and therefore cannot get denounced or used by the swines. It was worked out by Agnoli in „opposition“ to Toni Negri and other intellectuals of the Autonomia but in our hands also against some arrogance of the political prisoners back then because we all loved Jacques Mesrine like Greeks love Vassilis Paleokostas (respect and love to you brother! you are even better and you will never get caught and we are sure your raki drinking team will get freed!)

The class struggles worldwide bring birth to a new social movement in Germoney and the influence the struggles in Greece have on it are clear:

Very important was information about the smaller hotbeds of classwar and people could check out how it comes and how it works in really small cities. That gave a perspective and created hope. So the first half of 2009 we had an exploding number of (not only) militant actions in cities like Leipzig, Erfurt, Weimar, Rostock and many occupations in small cities all over Germany with militant reactions to evictions. The night teams were also very creative with hotbeds in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt... also the carkillers did good cars suck work, berlin: http://www.brennende-autos.de/ and Hamburg came close to Berlin the last months of 2009, all together 500 frat cars! So beside historical urban guerillas there are more things for "pride" but don't await anythang.


For Berlin it starts on 29th with a critical mass/bike guerilla directly in front of the Brandenburg Gate and in high security hosted british embassy and hopefully the IRA will join the event, hehe.


On 30th you may like to teach some Naziscum how to swim in the River Spree in Berlin-Oberschweineöde at a demo in front of their brothel called ZUM HENKER that got under militant attack already a few times. The Nazis from all over germany meet there to organize their shitty cultural imperialist tries and marsian supremacy. Lots of them are not able to get scalped and are also between their legs razored but therefore they send lots of "autonomous nazis" with tunneled ears and "lefty" outfit. These pricks are original invented by media because the media first shorten from "autonomous and antiimperialist groups" to "autonomous groups" and then to "autonomous", later on followed by "leftautonomous" that implicated that shitty name min. ten years before invention. (These fuckers also tried to steal and trademark HARDCORE and they steal a lot because they have no brains for own ideas or music) By definition "Autonomy" is a radical working class movement with roots to the italian partisans that kept fighting until 1948!


Later the day there will be a reclaim the neighborhood festival in the capitol of Berlin at Boxhagener Platz with some bands and speeches. There could happen something later on "out of tradition" or because the cops occupy our neighborhoods like they do in Exarchia, with undercover and plain clothes pigs the nights since years and that bigger kind of police-vans on patrol in daytime. The only good thing of this is that most of the cops are busy and can't punish the people running red lights but even on normal traffic streets you'll find killercops that hunt, try to hurt and stop cyclists that ride fixed gear bikes and they've already special forces for that shit. The background is easy: cars are terrorists and with a "fixie" you hurt their monopol for gasing the planet. Shit like wars or the oil-desasters like at the Great Barrier Riff wouldn't happen without these bastards raping mother earth! And if you have a problem with that we'll come to Greece and teach cars a lesson, hehe! We also have fast pedalboats... sometimes underwater in the Lybian Sea.  



On 1st of may you could bring some iaurti to the yellow syndicalist corrupt bastards that call out early the day. Afterwards you could join the maoists in Oranien Square at 13:00 and then in the afternoon again antifa-actions cuz the fathasuckers try to steal our may away. Later on there will be the myfest in Berlin-Kreuzberg 36 - a partly counter insurgency event with paid by state bands, expensive beverages, only plastic bottles allowed, private security and many plain clothed pigs but it's good for a break, listen to the bands on dozens of slots and check the topographics. The revolutionary demo will start there at 6 pm and we await 15000/20000 black/red front, alternatives, punx and prols. If riots start it's important to spread it out into the next neighborhoods and districts. The cops always try to hinder the demonstration to move into Berlin-Neukölln, a proletarian neighborhood that is also under attack by the middle class scum and their gentrification (These fuckers are that ugly that they already created a new name for the north of this district and they only did so cuz they are too stupid to check the borderline to Kreuzberg!). Main reason are the gangs there that could join in, they are dominated by „migrants“ but also KANAKSPRAK speaking Germans!


Inside the riots (or even before) you have to face cops without batons and shields with (forbitten) gloves with sand filled over the fingers. They are led with radios by screen observers and come over you like icehockey-cracks and fistfighting, they also will try to close your mouth so that ya can't scream your name to the comrades. If they close your nose too think of snorceling the agaen! You got the right for one phonecall (legal team: 6922222) and sure they'll punch you up in their vans like a douchebag. http://www.rote-hilfe.de/media/files/red-aid-anti-repression-guide-english

more infos, links etc. here: http://www.erstermai.nostate.net/web/


 A hotbed of the riots in the nineties and sometimes the last years too is the MAUERPARK in Berlin-Prenlauerberg, an Eastside district with lots of former squats, with a tradition of opposition and artists in GDR but surely gentrificated to the core with in some areas 85% of the population living there in 1991 leaving the scene - sure there are families who leased houses in the suburbs and some other personal reasons or new freedom of moving reasons but mostly the folks had to leave because of the invasion by students, politicos, artists and businessmen from west germany and also westberlin. A similiar situation is in some neighborhoods of Berlin-Friedrichshain, also East-Berlin. There is a good joke about that: "Rich daddy's daughter/son wants to study in Berlin but s/he is that stupid slacking that s/he starts looking for a home 14 days before the uni starts and s/he calls daddy to put some 100 bux more in or to organize a flat: But, daddy, please not in the East, please in Friedrichshain or Prenzlauerberg!" Therefore we hate students!

Trainings already started? http://www.berlinonline.de/berliner-zeitung/archiv/.bin/dump.fcgi/2010/0412/berlin/0072/index.html