Greek Revolt (25th, 26th, 27th February 2010)

Snow White in Guerrilla.

“Capitalism is a system of relationships, which goes from inside to out,

from outside to in, from above to below, and from below to above.

Everything is relative, everything is in chains.

Capitalism is a condition both of the world and of the soul.”

-Franz Kafka


Thursday 25th February 2010


  • After the support from a member of Nea Dimokratia (right wing party) to the stabber fascist Dimitris Papageorgiou (3 trials for attacks against leftists) one more event proves that Nea Dimokratia is on the side of Golden Dawn. Specificly, Christina Sideri member of Nea Dimokratia, was arrested among the fascists of Golden Dawn on 24th in the district of Agios Panteleimonas.
  • The three arrested persons during the General Strike demonstration in Athens had to step in front of a prosecutor today. They got a delay of the trial, but also the prosecutor did not take care that one of them was beaten up by pigs, event that is also proved by eye-witnesses and videos filmed by protestors.
  • Fascistic attack against a teacher in the town of Chania on Creta island. Some shitheads engraved with a razor blade the swstiga symbol on the hand of the teacher, because she used to teach the greek language to refugees' children.
  • Blockade in Domino's Pizza company at Pagkrati district of Athens by 60 workers asking from the bosses to hire back one worker who was dismised because of participating in the General Strike on 10th February.


Friday 26th February 2010


  • Journalists of "Aiolika Nea" on Lesvos island found the doors of the offices locked after participating in the General Strike on 24th February. The independent base's syndicates of the island start organizing actions in solidarity.
  • Two adductions of members of parliamentary left party in pig station because of rising up mobilization posters in Vyronas district of Athens. The persons were kept for two hours in the detention part of the pig station. The pigs took away their shoes and their mobile phones, to forbid them any communication with people outside of the pig station. In the certain district, the pigs have killed an innocent person before some days with 9 bullets.
  • Masses of pigs for one more night in Exarcheia area. Special pigs' forces surrounded many places where people used to spend their time, playing music and drink terrorist beers. The people responded with shouting against them and throwing some bottles and stones, so the masses of cops had to leave the area after some time.


Saturday 27th February 2010


  • The struggles in solidarity with the three dismissed syndicalists of METKA factory still go on (watch older updates). The event that citizens who are not workers of the factory and express their solidarity with them proves that something changes in the public mind. Also a bank account to support the workers has opened after 15 days without job for them.

National Bank of Greece - Number Account: 202/706707-94

IBAN: GR94 - 0110 2020 0000 2027 0670 894


Beneficiaries: Vassilis Kalatzis, Alexis Pavlidis, Kostas Vogiatzis



  • Demonstration in Vyronas district of Athens. The demonstration took place after some days of the murder of Nikolas Todi, father of a 6 months old child, during a bank robbery. The innocent victim did not have any participation in the robbery and the pig who killed him with 9 bullets is still free and member of the greek police. In the demonstration participated around 600 people heavily surrounded by any kind of pig forces who used as an excuse the smashing of local offices of PASOK ("socialistic" party which is on government now) and attacked the protestors brutally with tear gas and beating them up. One person heavily injured on his head in a pool of blood, who was taken in the pig station with more persons. Residents of the area also on their balconies shouting against the pigs. The total number of arrests rised up to 11. The pigs publish on their announcement that they were attacked by the protestors, also with molotov coctails, event that never happened. They also publish about 11 injured pigs, but they do not state about the attack from the pigs, not about the heavily injured protestors and not about the cops who were driving among citizens rising up the danger for accidents. An assembly of political organizations is planed for today evening, so more actions can take place after this event.

Fotos, on the metal roll, the holes of the pigs' bullets:

  • Fascistic attack against an immigrant from Pakistan in Psyris district last night. The victim was driven with an ambulance to hospital.
  • Against Education in Solidarity with Alfredo Bonanno - Communique from New York City


  We attacked Marathon bank, a subsidiary of the same Piraeus bank that Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos are accused of expropriating.

 “Capitalism is a system of relationships, which goes from inside to out, from outside to in, from above to below, and from below to above. Everything is relative, everything is in chains. Capitalism is a condition both of the world and of the soul.”

-Franz Kafka

 There is nothing left; nothing that hasn’t been molded, molested, or completely crushed; nothing that has managed to escape the network of power as it scours every inch of the earth, lodging itself into every crevice. Crowding each moment, the omnipresent asphyxiation provides ample evidence to this all-encompassing totalization. Heads bowed, backs bent, we bear the weight of the day in our beleaguered entrails.

 Now taking on increasingly monstrous qualities, a vampire-likeness of achieved full nocturnality, even the sleeper finds his dreams inhabited. Robbing us of expectations, snatching away our latent potential, Capital has acquired the speculative capability to recuperate futures and integrate things before their invention. After colonizing the entire world, the enemy now works to conquer the collective realm of our imaginations where we once plotted and, consequently, envisioned its very demise.

 The cooption of creativity signaled the predetermined defeat, which led the Marxists to surrender to the British Museum before they realized an 1848. The only pseudo-victory to their credit consists in pushing Negri out of the spotlight by ushering “communization” and “insurrection” into the academy’s discursive field. Both trends can be written off as failed experiments because each has neglected to activate the only concept capable of giving jargon any significance. The Struggle.

“To fight, to be defeated, to fight again, to be defeated again, to fight anew until the final victory.”

- An old Italian adage

 In practice, the clashes and occupations have divorced the leftist baggage and chosen everyday life as the terrain for conflict, yet unfortunately expression still continues to abide by the activist calendar. A day of action is paled by a year of misery. Like long fits of depression, extended bouts of downtime undermine each subversive act, resulting in the production of militant event planners: blinded to the past and merely anticipating the next unsuccessful Bastille storming. They strike at the same tempo ordinary citizens attend birthday parties, riot at the same rate of wedding crashers and surely, at this pace, they will never RSVP the bourgeoisie funeral.

 Detached theory and relegated practice present themselves as nothing other than the comorbid symptoms of statified ideology. Now we can confidently diagnose that the much prophesized “coming” can only amount to a passing fad.

 We notice the relentless internalized repression masquerading as patience and so we refuse to wait for March 4th, the ides of March or, for that matter, any date to come. We expressed our distaste for the veiled technological prison of surveillance and electronic monitoring by sabotaging several of the soon to be installed ID-card scanners at the Hunter College campus. Against education as such, we then struck Brooklyn College’s administrative building. Lastly, we attacked Marathon bank, a subsidiary of the same Piraeus bank that Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos are accused of expropriating. We extend our solidarity to the two imprisoned comrades and, as Bonanno’s health deteriorates in a prison cell, we adhere to the following principle.

“For an eye, two eyes. For a tooth, the whole face.”