Greek Revolt (Wednesday 24th February 2010)

Can someone brake a cop's shield with bare hands...?

...Get up, my soul, turn the power on,

set your clothes on fire (like Marcus)

set the instruments on fire (set the instruments on fire)

like a black spirit will blow up (to heal the would, like a black spirit will blow up)

our strong voice (our strong voice)...


Dionysis Savopoulos - Sotiria Mpellou, With ships and aeroplanes:

  • On Tuesday evening took place in the centre of Athens a motorcycle demonstration to call the people for participation in the today's General Strike. For two hours on all the streets of the centre and Kypseli neighbourhood the voice of the strikers was heard loudly. The first surprise of the people around was easily turning into happiness. The demonstration used to stop only to give info flyers at bus stations, squares and super markets. On the dozen thousands of flyers that were spread it was written: "On Wednesday everybody join the strike, everybody on the streets", "Warning: On TV speaks the European Comission", "Let's make them feel afraid, down with the stability program", "This strike shall be only the beginning", "The Germans occupy us again?"


  • Demonstrations in Naousa and Veroia towns. In Veroia on the top of the demonstration anarchists/antiauthoritarians instead of the parliamentary communists. Comrades with flyers, slogans, flags, plakats started demonstrating after the gathering in the town's Working Centre. Spontaniously people who were on the spot joined them. Anarchists' presence also in "the dinasaurs' nest" (frozen parliamentary syndicalists) at Naousa town.
  • Demonstration in Volos town. The bosses of METKA factory (watch older update) tried to stop workers to participate in the strike by announcing that the building was needing 32 persons inside for fire safety. Striker Workers gathered early in the mourning around the building, blocked the entrances and allowed this way the workers to participate in the strike. 500 people decided to participate in the independent demonstration and 120 joint the official syndicalists' gathering. Participation also from Matsaggou Squat, libertarian communists, out-parliamentary organisations.

 Fotos from Volos town, Worker Newspaper

  • The demonstration in Thessaloniki city went smoothly with the participation of many people. At the tale of the demonstration the anarchists' block with a plakat that was written on it "War Against the Bosses' War". Also a block of Libertarian Syndicalistic Union with a plakat writting "Capitalism is not in Crisis, Capitalism is the Crisis Itself". In the last block a lot of people participated together with Antiauthoritarian Movement. A lot of flyers and press stuff were spreaded and slogans were sprayed on shops' walls that did not participate in the General Strike. People threw garbage in Hondos Centre (multinational perfume company) so the company had to join the strike after this action. A street camera was smashed, a European Union's flag was burnt and slogans were sprayed on government buildings. After the end of the demonstration, students in Aristoteleio University started smashing control bars at the entrences of the Campus. Pigs entered the campus and started chasing the people. More people joined the events after the pigs' attack, smashed more bars and chased the pigs away. The rectorship building is squatted and an assembly will take place during the evening.
  • Demonstration in Chania town on Creta island. Around 450 people participated in the out-parliamentary and independent organisations demonstration. We do not have a number of the parliamentary communists' demonstration.
  • Demonstration also in Irakleio town of Creta island. Around 2000 people participated after the call of parliamentary left parties, out-parliamentary communists, independent organisations, anarchists etc.

Fotos from the demonstration

  • Demonstration in Patras city. Around 1300 people joined the demonstration of out-parliamentary communistic organisations; anarchists have not make a call for today. A higher number of protestors in the parliamentary communists' gathering.
  • Despite the state's repression methods in the demonstration at Athens participated around 100.000 people. One bank entrence was built with bricks from a builders' team. The pigs started attacking the independant blocks and try to ceperate them from the main body of the demonstration. The people responded imediatelly and attacked back by smashing the cops' shields, chasing them away and defend against any new special pig team that was arriving. In the clashes also 45 years old people against the pigs. One undercover pig had also to visit a doctor after people found out he was a cop. Also the masses of people chased away the pigs by shouting against and forbid them to come close to the demonstration. Many multinational companies were smashed down. The pigs attacked with tear-gas and sound-shine granades at Syntagma Square in front of the Parliament and people responded with some mollies, stones and wooden sticks. On Stadiou Street a special pig forces team tried also to attack. The responce from anarchists, syndicalists, indepentents, workers, people of any age was again one and the same: stones, bottles and whatever could be found on the streets flew on the heads of the cops. RAGE and RAGE can be two words to describe the situation! Attack also at 'Zonars' Burgeois Cafe (9 euro per coffee) when the people spontaniously entered the cafe, stole everything from inside and smashed down the front-glasses. People also entered in Papasotiriou Bookshop, took many books in zero price and gave it to demonstrators. Also clothes from a multinational company were taken away in zero price and given to people. All the actions above happened spontaniously. Also, the anarchist/antiauthoritarian/libertarian communistic block was the biggest than the rest of the others. Participation also from many refugees. Many 50 year old people joined also the radical blocks and were amused by the smashing down of banks and multinational companies. We do not know yet any number of arrests.

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 In average, around 2.500.000 people participated in the General Strike all around Greece...


  • The fascists have tried to provoce the today's strike by organizing a gathering at Amerikis Square (watch yesterday's update). The antifa demonstration with some hundreds of people that directed there to block the fascists could not reach the spot because the area was surrounded with masses of pigs. The fascists never appeared there and prefered to keep hidding in their holes. Around 800 antifascist gathered at Kyprou & Patision self-managed park and demonstrated through Kypseli district. Two fascists tried to reach the park with their van which was smashed down. Two other shitheads had to say goodbye to their motorcycle and their greek army t-shirt. Around 30 lovers of military junta gathered in the church of Agios Panteleimonas district. Just to remind: In the certain district are active many members of Golden Dawn (nazi party) as prostitutes' pimps and members of the mafia. Before some days two nazis were caught by the cops with a gun but they were released...