Greek Revolt (Update 17th & 18th February 2010)

For all the reasons of the world

 "As long as there are classes, rich and poor people, then there will still exist violence. Violence is born by the basic social contradiction of wealth and poverty." And this is not a discovery of revolutionary Link. It was a wording from Platon 2.500 years before. According to Marx the violence, the mute coercion of economical relationships, the barbarity and the wars will continue until the world of work will free themselves and society and humanity finally will start living its history.

 This reality that we experience social war and not social peace, social solidarity or real democracy was the fact that enforced the action of 17N. The state violence, the imperialistic dependence that turned the country into a colony, the poverty, the unemployment, the degradation of life, the individualism that creates the inhuman exploitative system, the injustice and the impunity of those who act against the people and the country were the reasons that armed the hand of 17N.

 We did not act under conditions of war. Against the indiscriminate state violence and terrorism we opposed the carefully and fairly popular antiviolence. However, we were encountered with totalitarian conditions, furious and savage war, with raw violence, with an enormous propaganda and communication war of distortion and black-mailing, with special laws that were even against your burgeois legality, with devastating detention conditions, with the looming prospect of extradition for some of us to the modern Dachaus.

 We are not complaining. Those of us, because there are some among us found here by the vindictiveness of the system and the service of certain considerations, those of us who chose instead of conformism and intergration to find their humanity through revolution and to contribute in their own way next to the fights for social liberation knew very well were they were going.

 We do not give a shit about the penalties. You will judge us guilty under the law of the winner and we do not think it's absurd, it is within your logic of war. For us, the social struggles for the liberation of human are neither innocent nor guilty. They are fair and necessary."


Dimitris Koufontinas, imprisoned in the modern white cells, during the trial of 17th November Revolutionary Organisation...

Wednesday 17th February 2010


  • Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vaggelis Chrysochoidis were charged with 22 years of imprisoning for the case of industrialist Mylonas kidnapping.

Reports from the trial on Rioters Press:


  • Report was published about the last day's event in Vyronas district of Athens, when during a bank robbery the pigs killed a person with 8 bullets on his back and 1 on his head. The innocent victim, Nikollas Todi 25 years old and father of a six months child, used to be close to the spot and without participation in the robbery.
  • 9th High-school of Pireaus squatted by pupils because a classmate of them was expelled from the school and enforced to change school for ever after a small conflict with the chairman. The squatters condemn the behavior of the chairman who started with verbal attacks, but also during the last days rises up his authoritarianism and the repression against pupils who have certain political ideas, different dress-code etc.


Thursday 18th February 2010


  • Looting attack against the private car of a journalist in Patras town. At the car were caused serious damages and some flames also touched the editor's car.
  • The Queen's Peace minister announced that "up to Easter, the presence of police in Athens will rise up to levels that the citizens haven't seen before" ...
  • 39 migrants, 27 men and 12 women, are trapped on Farmakonisi islet. The Coast Guards can not sail from Leros island because of lack in ships which can travel in the existed weather. Citizens asked from the guards to sail with their fishing boats but they could not have a lisence because of the wind and the weavy sea. The phenomenon of lack in boats of the public sector for islands in Greece is something usual for years now. Also the islands' residents face lots of problems when their health is in risk but also for daily needs. Meanwhile, the greek government is mostly interested in buying cops and army equipment.