Greek Revolt (Update 9th & 10th February 2010)

The famous and very usefull during revolutions Guillotine.

 The guillotine was a device used for carrying out executions by decapitation. It consists of a tall upright frame from which a blade is suspended. This blade is raised with a rope and then allowed to drop, severing the head from the body. The device is noted for long being the main method of execution in France and, more particularly, for its use during the French Revolution, when it "became a part of popular culture, celebrated as the people's avenger by supporters of the Revolution and vilified as the pre-eminent symbol of the Terror by opponents". Nevertheless, the guillotine continued to be used long after the French Revolution in several countries.




  9th February 2010


  •  Fascistic attack against YFANET Fabrica Squat

 Coordinated attack together with fascists and cops against Yfanet Fabrica Squat in Thessaloniki during the night of Tuesday 9th February.  Fascists tried to set on fire the squatted factory but they were perceived by people who were inside and chased them away. At the same time, the area got surounded by special pigs' forces who started throwing chemicals and stones inside the building.

 Men and women gathered in solidarity at the Polythecnical school of Aristoteleio University and directed collectively to the squat so they chased the cops away from the spot.

 This was the second attack during the day, after the dawn of Tuesday when "unknown" parastatists tried again to set the squat on fire by putting gas-bottles in a garbage bin in front of the building.

 At the same time Mass Media in turn, using misinformation as a weapon attack in their way trying to mislead the public mind and completely reverse the events.


Announcement-Information from YFANET Fabric Squat.

Attack against YFANET Fabric - Information from the Assembly.


  Close to 23:00 and while the YFANET Fabric Assembly used to take place, around 20 hooded fascists with pickets and helmets attacked against the squat. They tried to enter into the Assembly's room but they were successfully repulsed by some of our comrades and then they tried to loot several parts of the squat.

 The damage that they caused was almost few, a burnt scooter, some furniture and other stuff. Some kids who were in the BMX-Ramps area were lightly beaten up. None of us is injured.

 Then around the area appeared different types of cops and meanwhile some people in solidarity with us started also gathering. The fascists disappeared. Between the cops and the people who gathered took place some few recriminations and sometime without any certain reason appeared the MAT (special pigs' forces) who attacked and threw quite a few teargas inside the squat.

 At the present time there are too many people in front of Yfanet, more than 200 persons in a fellowship climate. Cops and fascists are gone missing.

 One girl, away from the building and as it seems suspect for solidarity, was brought by the bigs in the local pig station and reasonably she will be released later.

 A new assembly takes place right now and also anotherone is arranged for tomorrow at 18:00.


F ★ Y



  • 36 migrants from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan were judged with 8 months of imprisoning with suspension and judicial deportation, while another 6 were judged with 4 months with suspension and judical deportation because they revolted before some days in the "welcoming" migrants' center of Rodopi before some days. Their expel from Greece back to their countries will take place imediatelly. (watch also older update here)


 10th February 2010


  • The Panhellenic General Strike against the "Stability Programm" takes place all around Greece. In the strike and demonstration participate workers of public and private sector, owners of small private shops, students, pupils, immigrants, parliamentary leftis organisations, out-parliamentary communistic and anti-capitalistic organisations, indypendent base's syndicates, anarchists, antiauthoritarians and so on ... (watch older update for announcements)

 In Athens around 10.000 people participated in the demonstrations that took place which directed to the Economy's Ministry and the European Union's Offices. Lots of strikers were beated up by the special pigs' forces.



 Fotos from the demonstration in Thessaloniki:


 Fotos from the demonstration in Irakleio, Kreta:


  • Clashes in Spina village of Creta. Villagers tried to block the road that leads to the area where constructions take place for a green energy unit. The people condemn that 2.500 hectares of land were stolen by a new green-profit company. The pigs attacked against the blockade and arrested 14 citizens.
  • Delay of Acheloos river diversion. After anarchists' and other citizens' actions against the state's criminal plans for nature in coordination with WWF, the theme went to European Communities' Court and the Council of State had to delay any action. If the court will agree with the positions of WWF the destruction of the river will never take place.
  • The greek government announced that they will buy 6 "Fremm" frigate war ships from France in total cost which rises up to 2,5 billion euros. Meanwhile poverty rises up...