Greek Revolt (5th February 2010)

Heil Banana!

Since today mourning, the University of Athens administration building is kept open and being used by antiauthoritarians, anarchists and antifascists so assemblies and meetings can take place inside for the preperations of the antifascistic/antirascistic gathering that will take place tomorrrow. The aim of this gathering is to block the nazi gathering that was planned for the same day under straight anti-arabic call.


The announcement:


Today, 5th of February, anarchists, anti-authoritarians and anti-fascists chose to keep the university administration building at Propylea open, as a space of mutual coordination and struggle. Our aim is the molding of ideas and counter-information ahead of tomorrow’s anti-fascist gathering, which has been called for at 11 am at Propylea. A gathering standing against the nationalistic and racist rabble of fascist groups, which call for a gathering tomorrow at 3pm, at Propylea. A gathering juxtaposing the solidarity of the oppressed to the statist and para-statist pogroms against migrants. We stand hostile against institutionalised racism, as expressed via the citizenship bill, as well as those who with their misanthropic calls aim for the physical extermination of the migrants.

  As the state targets spaces of resistance overall, the fascists attempt to invade a space which has come, through tough struggles, to belong to the world of freedom and resistance. We do not intend to surrender not a single square meter to the state and its para-statists.

  We call every person in struggle to the open assembly at the Administration Building tonight at 8pm under the topic of tomorrow’s anti-fascist gathering at Propylea.







Open Assembly of the University Administration Building


(The building has been kept open during Fridays' night and not occupied as the greek mass media report. Even if the University will be occupied, it will happen for a political reason after a decision of the open assembly and because this decision will be taken under direct-democratic ways the law doesn't have any power to this action and any future occupation. The Asylum rule was established after people's fights and was protected with blood. In the open assembly that took place on Friday participated more than 200 people.The fascists have organized their anti-arabic gathering on an area which is prohobited even by the greek laws for them to step in. The universities are not a place for fascistic gatherings. After the antifascistic gathering, on the nazi-site it was announced the change of the shitheads' meeting point)



° Call from educators for voluntaree teaching of the greek languagge for migrants who are kept in the "welcoming" migration center of Lavrio. The 400 migrants of the center come mostly from Afghanistan and Kurdistan, waiting in the center for political asylum and many of their children that participate in greek schools have a serious problem to follow the education program, as long as many of them cannot speak greek. The older ones have also problems with the laguagge and the government bases' for teaching them are not enough. Voluntaree teaching courses have already begun, but the migrants who want to participate become more and more.

(for educators or persons who are interested to know more about the situation, contact here: )


° Loud demonstration against social control and state represion in Thessaloniki. Around 500 anarchists participated, lots of street cameras were smashed, flyers were spreaded, stencils and slogans were sprayed. Strong presence of the pigs, also in small roads around the demo's direction.


° Ntinos Palaistidis, worker for 17 years in "AGRA" Publish Company got fired before some days before, because of his syndicalistic action.

-Send a condemning message to the Company:

-Publish your solidarity to the other syndicalists:





° „Farmers’ Antiauthoritarian Movement“ announcement:

  Since decades now, the agricultural politics get designed in purpose to serve the needs of agricultural equipment companies, the standardization & trading companies, in the interests of farmers who sow huge ground areas. The arbitrary food & trading organisations give the directions while the government and the European Union apply the agricultural policies and offer “guarantee” to the farmers to follow these directions. But now they step in front of a dead-end and instead of apologizing they blame the “problematic” farmers for everything. They hide that in reality everything happens for the management of almost the half EU’s budget, a huge amount of money related with the “Common Agricultural Policy”. An opportunistic profit policy which turns the farmers, local societies and consumers into economical victims.

    They have set under hostageship some hundred thousands farmers in Greece

  Under economical hostageship with overloaded debts to the banks for buying machines, equipment, seeds, farming chemicals, fertilizers which are imposed by the supplement companies.

  Under social hostageship as long as the farmers’ society becomes smaller because of the economical dead-ends. The depreciation and isolation of the farmers in kinds of fields imposed by products’ traffickers.

  On one hand, they use the farmers to transfer huge amounts of money which will end in the funds of their companies and on the other hand they construct “solidarity” policies and offer some bread-crumbs to the economically exhausted people.

    The subsidies’ policy means the death of the traditionally small farming

  The biggest part of the subsidies will be given to standardization & trading companies, farmers with thousands of hectares even to constructive companies for facilities and infrastructures. The farmers’ subsidies will end back to the companies which supply agricultural equipments, companies which control the directed farming methods. The projects of one or more of such companies were many times the reason for certain product farming. The studies for establishing and developing certain products’ farming were usually based on arbitrary economical facts. The farmers were always following such central-designed economical plans and the result is their many debts and the agricultural dead-end.

  The subsidies’ policy and the central designed farming enforce the huge, intensive and industrialized farming which can only be practiced from big agricultural companies which will be run by any kind of industrialist but not from small farmers.

    The farmers’ survival and independence is the large and long-in-time benefit

  The society (traders, artisans, workers …) has to understand that the independent production of agricultural products, the independence against economical lobbies, is independence of everybody against the lobbies. It’s independence of the society itself because the produced goodies will come back to the society itself.

  The agricultural theme is a topic for all of us. The rules of right agricultural methods, the Farmers’ Business Register, the organise of state’s intervention in the market function, the adoption of agricultural drugs prescriptions are all methods enforced by the political system to keep serving the strong economical lobbies and save its position of the middle-man. These policies should concern the whole of the society because the farmers are not just a working cast. Farmer can become anyone if and when she/he wants to. The absolute register which gets enforced will keep out of production thousands of farmers who also keep another job for their economical survival; it will keep out of production the society and lead to total dependence. It has to be taken away the right for agricultural engagement by head-doctors, head-lawyers, head-industrialists who use their capital to buy the ground and establish farming fields, reducing this way the farmers’ income.

    Against the central certification

  The production process’s disconnection from the subjection to private organisations of control & certification and the corresponding services of agricultural development is the only way for the farmer to earn back the trust of the society. Our target is to create a modern agricultural consciousness by organising the social trust as a balance weight and as certification safeguard of the real quality and conformity of the agricultural products.

    Independence from state and parliament parties

  The Agricultural Cooperatives in Greece functioned as processors of the central plans for farming and as money managers with spoiling character and served opportunistic needs. Because of these facts, they got bankrupted and leaded thousands of farmers into a vicious circle of desperate actions. When the Cooperatives are structured hierarchically, with power to the state or the parliament party, they cannot have a different ending. When each person doesn’t ensure she/he her/himself the decision of the Cooperative and also the performance of the decision, but the power gets given to a parliament party Chargé d'Affaires or to a high-politician’s next-man, then it doesn’t exist any ensure. For controlled by political parties farmers’ syndicalism was enough to fight only for the promises of each government, leading the farmers to poverty in a Roulette-market with a paid bell boy on the Roulette table.

    The new model of Cooperatives, the new modern autonomous syndicalism

  There are many farmers who already reject the syndicalistic institutions and organize open assemblies with direct democracy without leaders. The popular assembly at the blockade of Isthmos last year, the meeting of farmers at Rizes of Arcadia, the meeting at Katouna of Aitoloakarnania, the independent assemblies at most of this year’s blockades is the new spirit that rises up among the farmers’ world. Open assemblies without parties’ leaders is the modern proposal and it seems so powerful that can expel all the parliament parties and each different personal opportunistic interests.

  Maybe the Cooperatives have been identified with profiteering and bankruptcy but without contribution none social power made it to survive ever. The new Cooperative model rises up from the behaviour of farmers’ consciousness themselves, not corporatism but based on social solidarity on cognitive and economical level. Interprofessional free unions of farmers, agronomists, special technologists, consumers, on local levels, objective to the local farming design and the horizontal products’ trading. Whatever could be offered by the political system has been already offered and even in the most disastrous and deadlock way. It’s time to understand our own power and compete with the arbitrary organisations on local and international level. Organisations who manage almost 50% of the EU’s budget on a scale that always bows to the side of corporate economical lobbies and farmer-owners of thousands of hectares.

From the dead-end to reconstruction

  In front of the absolute dead-end we step today we must re-think: we were leaded here because we let our lives in other persons’ hands. In the hands of each government, under an economical structure that has as a purpose to fill up foreign wallets. We cannot expect something from companies, governments, cooperatives, parliament parties, European Union. We still keep in our hands the land, the expertise, the knowledge of tradition. In few words we have the power. The power of each person, the collective power of the society.

    We keep blockading the highways:


1. Until we will make sure that we have the economical compensations (and not supports as they say) that they owe us because of the dead-end they have leaded us.

2. Until all the small-middle-farmers’ debts will be deleted: it is money that the agricultural equipment companies have already received.

3. Until we will have back 15% of the taxes and not the bread-crumbs that they offer us.

4. Until they will kick out all the mega-industrialists paratrooper “farmers”.

5. No trust to the “friendly to farmers” proposals of the minister about “new” type of Cooperatives.

6. We are on the side of resistance’s blockades and not under parliament parties’ compromise.

7. We shall keep our lives in the fields with new spirit, new plans which we will develop on our own this time, inside the communities we live, together with our local societies.