Greek Revolt (Update 4th February 2010)

December's 2008 Revolt was an image from the future.

 "When we talk about revolution we have to get rid off all the images we have in our mind about barricades, occupation of the 'Winter Palaces', civil wars, killings, urban guerrilla etc. But we can talk later if using violence  is a necessary event or a necessary bad thing or just an accident during revolutions." ... "Revolution is the expressed and clarified change of a society's institutions, as many of them are dependant by expressed institutionalization, with the collective action of this society or the majority of it. Expressed and clarified change, because institutional changes are always happening." ... "It becomes obvious that the meaning of  the word revolution is tightly connected with the 'spearhead' ('projet' in french, 'Entwurf' in german) of autonomy" ... Cornelius Castoriadis


  • The youngster who was arrested on 1st Feb. accused as member of "Conspiracy Cells of the Fire" got under prejail custody, after there were found fingerprints of him in the so-called terrorists' hideout in Chalandri district. The fingerprints were found on movable objects, a plastic bag and a political flyer. With this action the greek authorities send a direct message to each citizen: don't spread around political ideas and never carry plastic bags.


  • The fishermen worker's strike was judged toaday as legal. In active solidarity with the fishermen stand students and other indypendent organisations, who support them in many ways but also give them a step to express their positions inside the Universities' society.


  • After the fascistic party of Greece and the orthodox church, also Nea Dimokratia (sth like the Christiandemocrats) support the  new nazi fruit called "autonomous nationalists". Among them, members of other neonazistic teams, army generals and police officers.


  • Call for blocking a nazi demonstration on Saturday:


Fascists, neo-nazis, ultra-conservative christians and their like have gone a step too far, it seems, by calling for a demonstration at the Propylea building of the university of Athens this coming Saturday (6.2). University spaces have been a no-go zone for fascists in the country – what with the academic asylum preventing the police from coming close to them and offering any of their usual protection. However, in response to the government’s new migration bill (in theory offering the opportunity to many migrants to claim greek nationality for the first time), the far-right has seen some mobilisation of rare intensity. Last Saturday (30.1), 1-2,000 marched behind the banner of the neo-fascist group Golden Dawn. They are hoping, it seems, to reproduce this chilling image outside the Propylea building, traditionally a starting point for the marches of the anarchists and the left. The provocation could not go unanswered and an anti-fascist demo has already been called for by anarchists outside Propylea at 11am on Saturday (four hours before the fascist gathering).

  No authority is our friend, no repressed is our enemy. On Saturday, February 6 the fascists are calling for a gathering at Propylea, to spit out their racist and nationalistic poison. Not only do they oppose an already racist law (that concerning citizenship) but they also demand the physical extermination of the migrants. Academic asylum does not belong to the fascists, nor the police. The asylum belongs to the people in struggle, to the world of liberty. War against the state and the bosses. Solidarity to all migrants.

Saturday, February 6: Anti-fascist gathering, 11am, Propylea.

- Anarchists, anti-authoritarians, anti-fascists.


  • Call for general strike on 10th February. Some translated announcements:


1.Announcement of Educators’ Left Direction:

  The government of PASOK under the excuse of the economical crisis and the program of “stability” & “development”, which was prepared under the orders of the EU, started a brutal attack against the payments and the public social Insurance & Health System. Already, the Economy’s Ministry with the decision with protocol’s number 2/4431 of 25-01-2010 decided for the cutback of our allowances to 10%, thing that means at least 50 euros reduction for each month. With the same decision the government excludes from these cutbacks: parliament members, judgements, political officers, army members, police officers etc. PASOK and Nea Dimokratia that through their policies buried Greece under debts, enforce now the citizens to pay for the bill. They can take back the 28 billions that Nea Dimokratia gave to the banks and with this money pay for the debts that they created themselves.

  The change on the character of the Insurance System doesn’t only mean reduce of the pensions. Establishment of a system with many „pillars“ has as a target to transfer the obligation for pensions from the state to the workers themselves. To change the Public Social Insurance System to a system with due’s characteristics, part of free market and finally lead us to private insurance. The robbery they did on our insurance bank during the past makes us today waiting for almost two years for the first pension’s money.




  It is necessary now more than any other time before to join our voices together and show our opposition to the brutal attack against our payment and insurance. The massive participation of all of us in the strike is the only hope to stop this policy, which seeks for one more time from the workers to pay for the crisis.


  On 10th February, we STRIKE and FIGHT:

-No cutbacks of our payments and allowances.

-Against the change of the social character of the Insurance System.

-Against the unfavourable change of our working relationships.



2. Announcement signed by several single syndicalists and base’ unions:







  The government’s Stability Program, added with the recent announcements of Papandreou, doesn’t let us time for many words. The government of PASOK cheated openly the workers and brings in reality the pre-election program of Nea Dimokratia. The government of PASOK steps on the road of the country’s destruction, obey to markets, obey to the will of global capital, obey to the European monopolies, to the global non tolerance financial organisations. PASOK is on the government, the rich, the banks, the mega-contractors, the blood-thirsty crows in power. The priminister and his headquarters travel around the global mass media trying to make sure to the new age Conquistadores of the European Commission that they will fight against the workers and folk.

  We don’t have many choices. Or we change or we sink. Or the workers will revolt, change the route of the country, break the chains of economical surveillance and debt’s terrorism or we will sink under poverty and bankruptcy of the working class.

  The majority of GSEE (Pan-Hellenic Worker’s General Confederation) has chosen their side. They have turned GSEE into a government’s press conference office and into a parallel specialized Working Ministry. GSEE is out of any worker’s mobilizations or either condemns the last ones. GSEE continuously legalizes the fear of the crisis and shouts for workers’ obedience. The non announcement of strike on 10th February together with ADEDY is an arranged effort to back up the government’s plans to hit the rights of public sector’s workers, so all the workers’ rights will be hit later.


  We demand from the leadership of GSEE to set the 10th of February as a day of general strike.


  Everybody in the streets! For a workers’ rise up, so the government’s program will not come in reality!


(After many pressures to the leadership of GSSE, GSEE announced a separated strike on 24th February)



3. Announcement from "Revolutionary Workers' Party" (EEK-trotzkist):


...nothing is we step for...


 Everybody in the gathering-demonstration against the "Program of Stability and Development".


- Down with the "Stability and Development Program - Continues General Strike - Action Committees everywhere - Panhellenic Rage Coordination!

- No "national consent" - no "public consultation" with the bosses. The crisis must be payed by the capitalists - all the power to the workers!

- Brake down the imperialistic European Union, delete the outlands debts and the private debts of unemployed people and workers, expropriate all the capital. For the United Socialistic States of Europe!



  • The radical political philosopher Costas Axelos passed away today at the age of 86.

 Infos about him:

(there is no german article on wiki about his life. I hope if it will appear one, it will not be faked and miswritten as many articles of recent greek history)