Greek Revolt (Updates of 1st & 2nd February 2010)

"We are the Blooming Flower of the Greek Youth" (picture from the 80's)

Democracy = In general, the ability of a society to create laws for its inner function, which are voted by the citizens themselves and effect their own lives. Each person, on her/his own participates on the political decisions. Democracy was established in ancient Athens and some other towns around the hellenic area. The democratic phenomenon, which ended in 4th century b.C., had the characteristic of continues revolution. Revolution of thinking, blooming of philosophy and other anthropocentric elements. The ideas of the athenian democracy influenced the french revolution of 1789. Today, the word democracy is incorrectly used to describe the liberal oligarchic systems of the western world. Incorrectly again, many times the word is used in a way that describes the human rights.


__1st February 2010__


° A circle of radio station phone communications with imprisoned persons started, in purpose to show the conditions of the jailhouses and the inhuman situations & practices of the prison system. On the first program, the political prisoner Savvas Ksyros spoke from the isolated part of Korydallos jailhouse, where are also imprisoned other persons accused as members of 17.November, the marxistic libertarian urban guerrilla organisation. He spoke about the isolation conditions, under which are kept, and he condemned the jail authorities for using psychiatric drugs in the prisoners' food. Savvas Ksyros was arrested after a bomb exploded in his hands. After the explosion, he was hospitalised under the danger to lose his life. During the critical time  for his life that he spent in Evaggelismos hospital, also psychiatric drugs were used on him by greek and U.S. secret agences, methods that are equal with tortures. He is still imprisoned with serious health problems, under conditions that make his time in the jailhouse a continues physical and psychological torture.


° The citizens still keep under self managed conditions the squatted park of Kyprou & Patision street in Athens and keep on the work. The citizens have been brutally attacked in the past by special pig forces and their fight has also been blackmailed by parliament's leftis parties, which wanted to give the park back to the major of the town. Some fotos of the so called by german mass media "autonomous terrorists":


° A 21 years old youngster was arrested, accused as member of "Conspiracy Cells of the Fire". The pigs' sources state about fingerprints of him on political flyers and plastic bags that were found in the so called hideout appartment of Chalandri district. In the appartment were found casserols, wires, political prints and other dangerous terrorists' equipment. The authorities still keep arresting persons, whose fingerprints were found on moving objects of the appartment, and in this way they keep illegalising relationships and political ideas.


° "Groups of diffusion of class hatred" took the responsibility for many looting actions of the last days. The full announcment:


   Incendiary series - Freedom to P.Georgiades-V.Chrysohoides-Groups of diffusion of class hatred On 2nd of February Polycarpos Georgiades and Vangelis Chrysochoides are sitting on trial as defendants for participation in the kidnapping of the grandindustrialist Milonas in Thessaloniki. The comrades deny the police charges. What they are defending is their choice to stand in solidarity to Vasilis Palaeokostas, to an undisciplined and chased person that many doors in cities and villages would open in order to provide refuge and to house him.


 The comrades acted based on value and politically reliably with their personal ways in the paths of refusals and fights. Who is criminal and who is not will not be indicated to us by the penal legislation. This exists in order to safeguard the wealth and the power and does not hesitate to criminalize even the personal acquaintances or behaviors that should be obvious. Who is criminal and who is not is judged by what one recognizes as his interests and by his value code, it is judged by his place and by his choices into the social relations.


 And as long as oppression and exploitation exist, these are competitive relations, belligerent relations. In this war, the social and class war, no fighter is alone. Even though the forms of refusals and fights for the freedom are many and different, they are always found on the same side of the barricades. There is a line that connects them, they shared the same goal. The expression of solidarity means the recognition of this line, means the establishment of a real relation in between them, means the proliferation of their dynamics.


 Expressing our solidarity and sending our warm greetings to the two comrades that are sitting on trial, we claim the responsibility for the incendiary attacks that took place from 28/1 to 31/1:

-two vehicles on UN in Nea Smyrni

-local organization of ND in Ano Nea Smyrni

-vehicle of General Electric in Zografou

-vehicle of the embassy of Georgia in Neo Psychiko

-vehicle of the ministry of international affairs in Chalandri

-central exposition store of Alumil (company that belongs to Mylonas) in Glyfada

-building of the 18th tax office in Neos Kosmos

-luxurious jeep in Kifisia

-luxurious car in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki

-bank in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki.


 In this war, no enemy slips from our scorn and rage. Each Mionas, each industrialist, ship-owner or banker, each boss, owe his generous, conceited and socially detrimental existence to the daily kidnapping and captivity of our life in the labor prisons and the consuming mental hospitals. He owes it to the double and triple pillage of immigrants. He owes it to the continuous flow of blood of dead workers in the areas of exploitation. And they are indebted, they and their whole gang that serves the perpetuation of this situation, from the government officials up to the praetorians and journalists and from the unionists up to intellectuals and all kinds of favoured men.


 At least nowadays no one can ruminate easily the fairy tales about social peace. The revolt of December is not forgotten easily and moreover the crisis makes more and more evident the reality of class segregation and exploitation. To the sacks from jobs, the expensiveness and the debts that are already for many a difficult everyday routine, are added now the repeated announcements for new taxes and reductions in wage and pensions. Only a small start of what the bosses study and plan in order to ensure their profits. And the based on the repugnant national ideology arguments for the interest of the country may be activated in order to retain a consent, but soon the prosecutors and the cops will be those that the bosses will need more and more.


 If they make programs of stability and growth, we are not to ask simply less hard terms of pillage. Repeatedly this has been proven as a delusion. We premise the movement for the destabilization of the capitalistic system and the destruction of power. The movement that is born by each one of us, when he/she gets selforganized and counters attacks by the ways that he/she selects. The movement that expands as we meet more in the streets, the place where life finds its real meaning. The old world produces infelicity. The old world will be swept.






Groups of diffusion of class hatred


° One more gathering in solidarity with FAU was planned in front of Goethe Institute. The Institute canceled the programmed short films fiesta that was planned and comrades who arrived in the spot to spread info flyers in the building found a paper on the door on which was written that "the film show is canceled, because of security reasons". The road was full of special pigs' forces and undercover pigs, who blocked the whole street after some time and stopped the action.


° The murderer of Alexandros Grigoropoulos was transfered in the psychiatric part of Korydallos jailhouse, after strange behavior of him during the last two days.



__2nd February 2010__


° The trial for the case of Mylonas industrialist kidnapp got a delay for tomorrow. Many people in solidarity with the persons who get judged. When they started clapping their hands and shouting slogans after the arrival of the accused persons, the pigs took half of them out of the court and the head judgeman threatened them with arrest.



° Info spreading action in front of the greek consulate at Rio de Janeiro. The text which was given about the two years' events in Greece:





6 December 2008,

 Alexandros Grigoropoulos a 15-year-old student, was fatally shot in the center of Athens, Greece by a fascist police officer Epaminondas Korkoneas. 
People directly protested in the center of Athens. The protests growed in a level that in many cities, islands and even villages in Greece, people was out for days showing their anger against this irrational violence... People burned government buildings, banks and fighted against the police that tryed to "keep balance" and protect the Greek parliament. Support from other countries came directly, to show their solidarity...





 For one more time everything was under a big plan. The Greek Government, took advantage of the images of burning cities, creating a wrong idea for all those people protesting in the streets. In effort to keep control and stop further actions, orders was given to all media to spread false informations about the protests, that already had occupied universities, syndicalistic organization buildings, theaters etc.. After almost one month, the revolt ended but the freedom in the souls of the people kept the flame of resistance burning...



6 December 2009,

 The new Greek government hired more than 7.500 police officers within the last year and they ''took over'' the center of Athens with 30.000 cops to protect the city, from people that want to participate to the memorial protest against the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. This is how the "new" Greek government showed us the respect of last year event and how they understand the HUMAN life...

 With full acts of violence, striking innocent people with the motorcycles and letting the cops to take off their gun's and be ready to use it for one more time,the "new Greek government is trying to show us the intentions that have in their mind for the further future...

 The excuse for all this of the minister of the cops mr.Chrisochoidis.. Was that they will not allow any more disasters in Greece, and other terrorist criminals.


One Month After,

 begins the court of the fascist Epaminondas Korkoneas, with the Greek government carrying the location of the court in a small town called Amfissa. Thinking like that would be easier to stop the protests ... and control the whole story like they want.

 With this letter we just want to protest for the last year's of haunted life in Greece, we want also to send a message to the Greek Government.

 You can make cops all the fascists in Greece to "keep the balance" and your New World Order dream...

 But you will never shut our voices down... with or without borders, with or without you, we still respect the freedom of speech and we will try always to increase our voices in your little polluted heads, of ego and money manipulation.

 People are fighting and will still fighting for a free human race.


 And for everybody else that thinks that stucked in the system, stop fooling yourself, you have nothing to fear...

 Do something that can make you feel better... Respect your self...!



La Revolucion de Viva!!