Create a struggle against the racist society of selfgovernance / An invitation for further discussion

We are writing this because we are facing an increasing tendency towards totalitarianism within the state, politics and society. Because we strongly disagree with both the racist mobilization and the demand for democracy and its values.


Those racist manifestations are an epitome of a systemic problem within democracy itself. Its aim for population’s self-management (self-policing and/or oppression) is something to critique and reject at all price. We strongly disagree with people’s will to fight for a right to reproduce privilege and social or racial hierarchy through a fight for a fallacious form of freedom.

For a long time now racist mobilizations on the streets are visible, climaxing in the current PEGIDA-movement and the reactionary attacks on refugees and their struggles.

At the same time, the German nation-state managed to establish a neo-imperialist and neo-colonial line. Both of these politics are working hand in hand under the ideology of nation and Volk.

The attempt to come out of this global crisis as ‘winners’ is achieved by pushing the population to rally around the national cause, for them to become their own police, their own prosecutors, a free-willed militia defending the state. Creating a threat out of “Islamism” and the demonization of marginalized groups as a means of self-preservation of an imagined national or white western identity aims for a racial war, preventing the logical rise of subversion and the resistance against social war.

But this is, what we aim for, a practical and subversive struggle to take our lives in our own hands, to create relations outside of the nationalist bourgeois society, to fight back the constant social war this world is putting upon us. We oppose the privileges of the so-called human rights such as freedom of speech since we see them as fundamental tools to reproduce a division among the population in which one part has the privileged of existence and the other is killed or left to die.

The killing of Khaled Idris Bahray in Dresden is an attack against us too – but because this murder is the result of the politics of self-governance this democratic society is imposing upon everyone.

Our perspective is to create a struggle, which attacks the racist bourgeois society, both the openly fascist populists and their false critics and state-loving democrats. By doing so, the aim is to destroy the concept of nation, state and Volk and cause serious ruptures.

We want to invite everyone who shares our critique and perspective to discuss on further strategies at

TEMPEST LIBRARY, Reichenberger Str. 63, Berlin

Saturday, 24th January, 6 pm