hamid kehazaei family to receive aboriginal passport

Hamid Kehazaei

after consultations with the family of hamid kehazaei, agreement has been made to give his family an aboriginal passport, in his name, to honour both their son and their decision to donate his organs to australian citizens. this magnificent gesture by his family totally shames the foul abbott government and, especially, his disgraceful and shameful minister for incarcerating innocent asylum seekers seeking sanctuary in this country. the incarceration of asylum seekers must be seen as a venal attempt by the australian government to continue the racist practices of the infamous white australia policy. some lucky australian citizens will be very thankful for the humane generosity of hamid's family. this gesture of generosity exemplifies that, regardless of skin colour or religion, we are indeed all the same. we are one race of people: the human race.


isja has been honoured by hamid's family in allowing us to commemorate his time here in australia, despite the fact that he was forced to spend all his time in an offshore detention camp. that fact is of no consequence, as those asylum seekers sent to the offshore detention camps were sent there in our name and still remain the responsibility of the australian government and opposition. isja believes strongly that we are right in respecting his memory and also respecting the wonderful gift of life that hamid has enabled through the donation of his organs to australia’s citizens. what is profoundly moving about this donation is that hamid has gifted his vital organs to a country that did not want him. isja, and we believe others also, humbly admires and respects this gift of health for others unknown.


it is just so macabrely ironic that hamid fled iran seeking life only to die in his country of choice caused by acts of our parliamentary barbarity!.


the attached poster gives the full details of the 2nd aboriginal passport ceremony, which will be held on: saturday 13 september, 2014, at 'the settlement', 17 edward street, chippendale, from 1pm to 5pm.


should you wish to obtain an aboriginal passport, then please bring along a passport-size photo to attach to your passport. to help cover costs, there will be a $10 cost for each passport that will be issued. pledges and personal detail sheets will be available on the day. for those wanting a passport but who cannot attend on the day, then please contact us via the contact details below and the required paperwork will be sent to you.


light refreshments will be available.


we especially invite our refugee friends and non-aboriginal australians of good heart to join with us in respectfully remembering hamid kehazaei.


the media is also invited to join us – we who all loudly say: “Not in my name. asylum seekers are welcome here.”


sadly, we have just learnt that hamid's time in detention has deteriorated his main organs to the point that they just cannot be used.


the foul abbott and his partner in crime, morrisson, have much to answer for.




See earlier: Iranian refugee brain-dead after medical attention denied in Australian concentration camp







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