Ticker: Mannheim 01.05.2012 (en)

19.04.2012 19:55 [linksunten] We support the antifascist protests against the Nazi rally on the 1st of May in Mannheim with breaking news
19.04.2012 20:00 [MA] Resolution of the Mannheimer Gemeinderat against the Nazi rally on the 1. of may
Resolution Gemeinderat
19.04.2012 20:30 [MA] Article in the Newspaper "Mannheimer Morgen" about the 1. of may rally
Mannheimer Morgen
20.04.2012 02:00 [MA] Übersichtsartikel zum 1. Mai in Mannheim
Übersicht 1. Mai 2012 in Mannheim
24.04.2012 15:00 [MA] The Nazis are planing a rally in Speyer before the 1. of May rally in Mannheim
25.04.2012 10:00 [MA] The meeting place for the train ride to the protests against the Nazi rally on 1. of may is at 8:50 at the Infopoint at the central station in Frankfurt am Main
meetin place train ride
26.04.2012 11:00 [MA] The city of Mannheim prohibited the Nazi rally on 1. of May, the NPD is going to court
NPD-Rally uncertain
27.04.2012 20:14 [MA] Due to a procedural error the prohibition of the rallys in Mannheim remains
Article in the Mannheimer Morgen
27.04.2012 22:36 [MA] Due to a procedural error the prohibition of the rallys in Mannheim remains. But there is enough time to file a suit again. The mobilisation goes on
27.04.2012 23:29 [SP] The Court in Neustadt has allowed the Nazi rally in Speyer. The are now allowed to march with statutory requirements
dapd Meldung
28.04.2012 13:28 [RT] There is an antifascist meeting point to travel by train in Reutlingen at 5:20 am and Tübingen 5:30 am at the central station
Meetingspot Reutlingen Tübingen
28.04.2012 18:42 [MA] Article in the newspaper Mannheimer Morgen about the protest against the Nazi rally in Mannheim
Mannheimer Morgen
29.04.2012 18:11 [SP] The Antifa Speyer has published their call for action for the 1. of May
Antifa Speyers call for Action
30.04.2012 17:16 [MA] Der VGH Mannheim hat die Entscheidung des Verwaltungsgerichts Karlsruhe bestätigt. Dieses hatte den Einspruch der NPD Rhein-Neckar gegen das Verbot des Aufmarschs in Mannheim wegen Formfehlern abgewiesen. Der Aufmarsch bleibt also vorerst verboten
Pressemitteilung VGH Mannheim
30.04.2012 18:59 [MA] Einen weiteren NPD-Aufmarsch in Mannheim hat das VG Mannheim inzwischen erlaubt. Vermutlich wird auch über diese Versammlung noch der VGH entscheiden
Neonazis dürfen in Mannheim marschieren
30.04.2012 20:00 [MA] linksunten article on the latest info on 1 May in Mannheim
Info update
30.04.2012 22:03 [MA] The NPD is allowed to demonstrate in Mannheim. The Administrative Court didn't see reasons to prohibit the Nazi rally
The NPD is allowed to demonstrate in Mannheim
01.05.2012 01:28 [SP] There is an updated route inclusive the new stops of the Nazi rally in Speyer on May the first
Link zur Karte
01.05.2012 01:57 [MA] Mannheim is geared up against the Nazi march; from 9 AM the info phone, legal team, and ticker will be in operation. It could be slightly raining in the evening, so bring some rain jackets. We'll meet on the streets
Important phone numbers
01.05.2012 02:07 [SP] Even now there are 6 crew car and a police car in front of the train station in Speyer
01.05.2012 08:02 [SP] At the central station in Speyer are already 15 police vans. There are no fences, so all access points are still open at the station
01.05.2012 09:04 [MA] The first Nazis from Mainz are in local trains to Mannheim-Friedrichsfeld. There, they probably go in the direction of Speyer
01.05.2012 09:25 [SP] The route of the Nazis changed slightly: From Central Station Speyer north to the first bridge that crosses the tracks (Schneckennudelbrücke), then at the Burgstraße to the north, and from there it continues as before
Outdated map of Speyer
01.05.2012 09:37 [SP] The central station Speyer is still accessible, there are about 40-50 counter-demonstrators on the spot. In front of and behind the central station there are 15 police vans. Some police cars are patrolling
01.05.2012 09:51 [MA] At the market square in Neckarau the police prevents passing to the churches, which were meant as a meeting point for activists
01.05.2012 10:05 [MA] The demonstration in Mannheim is now starting at Gewerkschaftshaus and moving towards the market place. You can join in at the market place
01.05.2012 10:15 [SP] In Speyer the Schneckennudel bridge is being occupied by 50 Antifas; the bridge is still openly accessible. There's little police on site
01.05.2012 10:26 [SP] In Speyer the Schneckennudelbrücke is currently being evicted by the police
01.05.2012 10:32 [SP] In Speyer 25–30 Nazis have just arrived at the central station
01.05.2012 10:33 [LU] In Ludwigshafen there are currently approx. 40 Nazis on platform 4 to catch a train to Speyer at 10:36. The Nazis are being escorted by police and will arrive at Speyer Central at 10:56
01.05.2012 10:37 [MA] At Mannheim central station Nazi scouts on bicycles have been spotted. Keep your eyes open
01.05.2012 10:45 [SP] 50 Nazis arrived at Speyer Central Station and headed towards Schneckennudelbrücke. Altogether there are now around 200 Nazis at the central station
01.05.2012 10:50 [MA] The demo has arrived at the market place at the DGB rally; in half an hour it will proceed to the rallies around Mannheim-Neckarau main station
01.05.2012 10:59 [SP] The 40 counter-demonstrators on Schneckennudelbrücke are now leaving voluntarily
01.05.2012 11:17 [MA] Police have arrested first demonstrators in Mannheim-Neckarau. Here once again the number of the legal team: 0162 86 44 554
01.05.2012 11:21 [SP] The first Nazi rally site (at Max & Moritz tower) is being occupied by anti-fascists. The last section of the route – Kurt-Schumacher-Straße – is still freely accessible
01.05.2012 11:45 [SP] The 270 Nazis at Speyer Central have to pass police controls one-after-another. In Speyer 1,500 persons have just started moving from the counter-rally to Iggelheimer Straße nr Kurt-Schumacher-Straße
01.05.2012 11:45 [MA] The antifascist demo with approximately 2,000 people is moving from market place to Mannheim-Neckarau.
01.05.2012 11:51 [SP] The 1,500 counter-demonstrators at Iggelheimer Straße nr Kurt-Schumacher-Strase are being blocked by the BFE (arrest units). Also the crossroads Kurt-Schumacher-Straße nr Friedrich-Ebert-Straße have been closed by police
01.05.2012 11:52 [SP] The people on the rally site in Speyer are being pushed to the side. Police have put on their helmets
01.05.2012 11:56 [SP] The Nazi demonstration at Speyer central station now starts moving
01.05.2012 12:10 [SP] The 2nd Nazi rally site (Berliner Platz near Kurt-Schumacher-Straße) has been occupied by approx. 120 counter-demonstrators
01.05.2012 12:20 [SP] The Nazis are holding their intermediate rally at Kurt-Schumacher-Straße nr Berliner Platz
01.05.2012 12:35 [SP] The counter demonstrators are still occupying Berliner Platz! The intermediate rally of the Nazis next to Kurt-Schumacher Straße is being disturbed loudly
01.05.2012 12:48 [SP] The Nazis have conducted their rally disturbed by great ambient noise, and are starting to move on Kurt-Schumacher Straße towards Speyer Nord-West train station
01.05.2012 12:50 [MA] The Antifa demo is now walking down Neckaraustraße in direction Neckarau train station
01.05.2012 12:58 [MA] The Antifa demo in Mannheim has reached Neckarau train station. Katharinenstraße is closed, but the rallies at Rheingoldplatz and Senteichplatz can be reached via other streets
Map of Mannheim-Neckarau
01.05.2012 13:01 The Nazis are getting on the train at Speyer Nord-West station. They will arrive in Mannheim-Neckarau in about 30 minutes
01.05.2012 13:19 [SP] The Nazis at Speyer Nord-West train station do not get a special train. Just now an empty train departed. It is unknown which train the Nazis will take to get to Mannheim
01.05.2012 13:30 [SP] The Nazis are travelling by train from Speyer Central to Mannheim. They will arrive Mannheim-Neckarau at about 2 PM
01.05.2012 13:40 [MA] Currently an increasing number of ID checks is happening on Neckaraustraße. In case of an arrest, please call the legal team
01.05.2012 13:40 [MA] A van with water for the demonstrators is on its way to Neckarau train station
01.05.2012 13:56 [MA] The rally has just been dissolved on Senteichplatz. All other points of blockade are pleased to support. Overall, several thousand counter-demonstrators are in the downtown
01.05.2012 14:05 [MA] Currently, blockade points are located on Rheingoldplatz, in Rheingold-Wingerstraße and on Friedrichstrasse. But there are also blockades in smaller streets around the Nazi route
01.05.2012 14:28 [MA] Blockade point Marktplatz-Schmidtstraße is still looking forward to your support
01.05.2012 14:50 [MA] Police are ordering people to leave the immediate vicinity at Rheingoldplatz. Also two persons have been taken into custody there
01.05.2012 14:57 [MA] Nothing has changed at the blockade points – keep up the blockades, the Nazis will approach shortly
01.05.2012 15:08 [MA] A police control is taking place at Friedrichstraße nr Neugasse. If you happen to be checked or taken into custody, please call the legal team: 0162 86 44 554
01.05.2012 15:12 [MA] In case you're still looking for blockade points, you should come to Luisenstraßen nr Fischerstraße or Maxstraße nr Schmidtstraße
01.05.2012 15:14 [MA] The Nazis will arrive at Neckarau train station in two minutes
01.05.2012 15:28 [MA] The Nazis are going to leave Mannheim Neckarau any second now, and will continue marching south
01.05.2012 15:39 [MA] The Nazis are coming out Neckarau train station in Mannheim! Not central station, it was a hoax!
01.05.2012 16:02 [MA] Rigth now the Nazis are coming out of Neckarau train station. Give them a noisy and forceful welcome
01.05.2012 16:15 [MA] The blockade points at Schmiedgasse nr Rheingoldstraße and Katharinenstraße nr Fischerstraße/Rathausstraße are happy about any support
01.05.2012 16:25 [MA] The Nazi route is the following: Down Friedrichstraße and Rheingoldstraße, via Sedanstraße to Steubenstraße until Speyrerstraße. The final rally will take place at Markuskirche
01.05.2012 16:25 [MA] The Nazi march is now turning into Friedrichstraße
01.05.2012 16:38 [MA] The blockade points Wingertstraße nr Rheingoldstraße and in the center of Friedrichstraße now depsrately need support, since the Nazis could pass here
01.05.2012 16:45 [MA] Loud music from one of the houses close to the Nazis' starting rally; and the church bells are ringing
01.05.2012 16:58 [MA] The Nazis have finished their opening speeches and are marching towards Rheingoldstraße
01.05.2012 17:04 [MA] The Nazis are now on Rheingoldstraße nr St. Jakobus Church
01.05.2012 17:09 [MA] Police have started to randomly take people into custody. Take care of yourselves and call the legal team if you witness an arrest: 0162 8644554
01.05.2012 17:10 [MA] The blockade at Friedrichstraße has been dissolved. The blockade at Rheingoldstraße nr Wingertstraße needs support; you can reach it via Neugasse
01.05.2012 17:20 [MA] The mood at the blockade Rheingoldstraße nr Wingertstraße is fierce. There is eye contact with the Nazi demo
01.05.2012 17:39 [MA] Police are trying to specifically arrest certain people; they accuse them of shoplifting
01.05.2012 17:41 [MA] A mobile people's kitchen will be set up shortly in front of the blockade on Rheingoldstraße
01.05.2012 17:42 [MA] The Nazis are giving their final speeches on Rheingoldstraße. The blockade persists, but still the way back to the train station remains
01.05.2012 18:05 [MA] The Nazis are now turning in front of the blockade on Rheingoldstraße and leave towards Neckarau train station. It would be reasonable if part of the blockade went to the train station as well to properly tell them goodbye
01.05.2012 18:25 [MA] The Nazi rally is now turning to Friedrichstrasse and will soon be at Neckarau station
01.05.2012 18:41 [MA] Some Nazis are being thoroughly searched after struggling and throwing pyrotechnics
01.05.2012 18:50 [MA] A train with approx. 200 Nazis just departed from Neckarau station in direction Mannheim Central
01.05.2012 19:00 [MA] Currently, the train of the Nazis is still in the station Neckarau
01.05.2012 19:22 [MA] The Nazis from the station Neckarau are now all on the train. This probably goes via Ludwigshafen and Schifferstadt to Speyer. It is not clear whether the train also stops at Mannheim Central
01.05.2012 19:43 [MA] The train with the Nazis didn't stopped at Mannheim Central
01.05.2012 20:00 [LU] Some Nazis boarded a NPD-bus outside the central station in Ludwigshafen. The remaining 20 Nazis are moving from the central station towards the city
01.05.2012 20:01 [MA] All persons who have been taken in custody were released
01.05.2012 20:27 [linksunten] The infoline is going offline. We want to thank the infoline, the legal team, the people's kitchen and all people who helped today. Without you the present day would not have been possible
01.05.2012 20:28 [linksunten] The ticker team would like to thank you for your dedication and multi-faceted anti-fascist activities. We wish you all a powerful end of this day and are looking forward to having you with us the next time again