EKH Haus- & Hoffest [Wien]

EKH HAUS & HOFFEST welcome one and all...

.......well no not all, no fascists, no homophobes, no sexists no, racists, preferably no dogs!


 Mi 3.Juli: Welcome one and all... .......well no not all, no fascists, no homophobes, no sexists no, racists, preferably no dogs

From 16h infopoint
From 18h superb finger-delicacies
and a welcome party where your fanciest evening wear will be musically accompanied by:
the magnificent, the one, the only, mr marcaille!!! come dressed Ass you want! the fancier the better!


 Do 4.Juli: World renowned ekh cover evening...

>>>>For any of you who wish to awake earlier that the rest of the party crew, there will be workshops a plenty, games to beat the band and a late breakfast/brunch in the yard.<<<<<


14h infopoint
14h we would like to invite you all to a seitan workshop where you can learn to make delicious textured gluten with a good bite to it, and only from flour and water. praise seitan!!!


14h for those of you who are feeling creative and want to glue their fingers together and snip snip here and there, there will be an ongoing fanzine workshop which will hopefully bring together your creative writings-drawings-thoughts-how-to's whatever you like with each other and print them out on saturday. zines bringin us back to the days of stick and paste of the real variety. less computer more ink.


14h Ongoing Swingbike workshop
So a bike with a twist, exactly there on the saddle pole. This opens up whole new worlds of ideas about riding techn iques and possibilities. In this workshop we are going to build some swingbikes, and share the information needed to build more. We can test our bikes out on the streetparty on Saturday.


16h for all of you whose brains have already learned more than you can handle this week there will be fun n games in the wieland park. throw some hoops in a basketball match, smash an ace or two on the table tennis courts, maybe even a lighthearted game of dodgeball, plenty of games to play with a ball, or any other prop you bring. just bring your imagination. fun is the main point of this fun n games afternoon.


From 16h our backyard will also be filled with vegan delicacies from viennas own ABC group. not to forget that the hofbar will be open to refresh your parched throats!!


for any who have the need to shop, you wont even need to leave the confines of ekh; a flea market will take place in the back backyard, where studs, patches, punk accesories galore can be found. see if you can find a treasure amongst the krimskrams there.


20h enough from the afternoon, the evening will start off in the media workshop where a political discussion will take place. antisemitism


21h then, on to the main act of our yearly thursday night evening. cover evening!!! sing along, throw your fists in the air to your favorite tunes, enjoy seeing the bands you would never have paid to see, materialise before your eyes... get ready to be wowed as: distillers//sex pistols//blink 182//A + P//woodrow guthrie + billy bragg accoustic set//sublime//creedance clearwater revival and maybe even one or two surprises take to the stage.


 Fr 5.Juli: Food and Dames Day...
...not to mention concerts workshops and hofbar


14h infopoint

14h Ongoing Swingbike workshop: So a bike with a twist, exactly there on the saddle pole. This opens up whole new worlds of ideas about riding techn iques and possibilities. In this workshop we are going to build some swingbikes, and share the information needed to build more. We can test our bikes out on the streetparty on Saturday.


Till now ideas for workshops look something like this: clab workshop on funkfeuer screen printing workshop swingbike building workshop keep your eyes open for more detailed infos which will be posted at the info point infront of the infoshop, and once again if you feel like organising a workshop please feel free.


on to the action side of things our local bike freaks will be organising a crazy alley cat throughout the city. A sort of two wheeled treasure hunt. Speed through the city in teams, from station to station, each as exciting as the next. Being good is not an option, it's the amusement factor which counts. put the fun between your legs!!!


once again we will open our wonderful green backyard for all who wish to quench a thirst or fill a hungover tummy with fantastic fried animal friendly sausages, burgers steaks or whatever it is that takes their fancy to feed you with. the by now citywide famous vegan cooking crew F.U.G will grace the festival with their presence behind their wonderfully postapocolyptic stand. hot dogs, bratwursts, cheesey-filled-suasages.....mmmmmmmmm!! all vegan, totally unhealthy, delicious fried food. exactly the lining your stomach needs in preparation for another nights heavy partying.


for the more sweet toothed of youse there will be a delicious cakes'n'shakes stand... all vegan cakes adn a choice of vegan or vegetarian shakes filled with ice cream berries and lots of summer fun


a small crew of ekhians have been preparing a battle for which you can take part in. a battle to decide the fate of the night.
a battle to decide what mood will carry us after the concerts into the morning light.
a battle for which you must sign up for on one of the posters which will be hung around the festival from wednesday on.
this is battle of music styles. your winning of this battle means that your teams music style will be the playlist of the aftershow.
8 different teams,
8 different music styles.
8 different endings for the evening.
your knowledge and also willingness to make a fool of yourself could mean that exactly what you want to hear after the concerts will be played.... don't let yourself be inhibited by the idea of staying cool.. less inhibitions means more chance to win, so give us a laugh wont ya....


An evening of class-A music awaits your ears: shutter n spit//gas macgilmore//ryvulet//combat wombat


04h roughly
the playlist for the aftershow depends on the winnings of the battle. so do your bestest in the battle and you could be dancing the night away to your favorite tunes...


00h if dancing is not really what you're looking for then move your ass on down to the hidden east europeann t(h)rash party! our friends from various countries of eastern europe have a prepared a killer set of THE worst music videos they were forced to suffer through during their childhood years, and on friday night you will suffer too!!! a traditional bar filled with exclusive eastern drinks will help you overcome the trauma!


Sa 6.Juli: Street Party Day

14h infopoint


16h just like last year, and the year before, and the one before that, and and and and... saturday has been our day to bring the festival goers together on the street with our neighbours and have a nice day of innocent!!! activities.
s.m. schneider will cabaret us into tears of laughter one of the finest magicians with awe inspiring tricks up their sleeve will delight and excite us bike games a plenty will be hovering continuously around, let yourself be amazed by the gyroscopic power of the rodeobiketwopointnill, a bigwheel swing, bike jousting, bike bungee' the list goes on of what we are capable of, lets see how much time we have.


22h the evenings musical line up looks like this gloryhole//grzz//assata//la ligne maginot


From 04h
The aftershow party will have 2 very differnet soundtracks,, beginning with DJ Capatsupa and their electronic danceable setlist,, followed by a trashbattle of the finest!!! disco trash, electronic trash, you name it trash. dance your little hearts out

So 7.juli: Dead Day
Hangover breakfast in the wieland park all day long on till the skies darken enough to enable our weary eyes to fill up with
cinematic numbness. cinema on our wonderfully green balcony. lie back in the evenings balmy haze and let yourself go
braindead infront of some out and out entertaining movie