[B] 2000 people in Berlin demonstrated for solidarity to the movement in Istanbul

Istanbul-Soli Berlin 01

More than 2,000 people took part today in a big demonstration in Kreuzberg, in order to declare their solidarity to the people of Instabul who are receiving the repression of the police and the government.

The demonstration started around 5 o'clock from the square of Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg, which is the center of the Turkish-speaking community in Berlin and one of the most politically active parts of the city. More than 2,000 people marched, in a demo that was quite loud and powerful. The demo moved into the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg around Görlitzer park.


There was a huge range of political groups and hundreds of individuals. They all shouted loud their solidarity to the people fighting in Instabul and their rage against the attrocities of the Turkish police and the government. Many shouted against prime minister Erdogan and his party and they called for their resignation, others demanded democracy and human rights, many against the police etc.There was also real criticism against the Turkish mainstream media, which do not publicize any of the protest, and they show instead stupid things like the beauty contest.


The vast majority of them shouted in Turkish, but the crowd was pretty international, consisting of other local residents from every part of the world, who wanted to send their solidarity to Taksim.