Update: Support and Stay Tuned: Struggle Continues Against Armed Border Guards in Akwesasne

Update: Support and Stay Tuned: Struggle Continues Against Armed Border Guards in Akwesasne

Report by Australiasia Bureau-Chief: Ana/Sina Brown-Davis:


To see photos of the Skyway Bridge protest aftermath, go to:


(June 29th, 2009) On June 1st, the Harper government’s decision to
allow Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) border guards carry
sidearms was scheduled to be enforced, but the community resistance of
Akwesasne Mohawks resulted in the closing of the border by the
Canadian government. Since then, the Mohawks of Akwesasne continue to
resist the imposition of armed border guards by the CBSA. Throughout
the Mohawk Nation, actions have been taken demanding that the Canadian
government enter into negotiations on the issue.

On Sunday June 7, Mohawks shut down the Skyway Bridge, which links
Prince Edward County to the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory near
Belleville, Ontario, in solidarity with the community of Akwesasne.
Despite tremendous police pressure, Tyendinaga Mohawks held the bridge
until early Friday morning when local police and the OPP moved in and
ended the blockade. Thirteen people were charged and several Mohawk
protesters sustained minor injuries. Two people were taken to
hospital, but were later released into police custody.

Out of the thirteen arrested, three Mohawks are still in jail. All of
them are being held at the Quinte Regional Detention Centre. Paul
VanHooser and Charles Kloestra have been denied bail and are detained
until trial on mischief charges. The Crown is seeking a 6-month
sentence for each of them. Shawn Brant, who was still living under a
conditional sentence for participating in previous blockades, is also
being held in custody at least until he serves out his conditional
sentence in prison, until the end of July. He is charged with
mischief and breaching his conditions. A trial date has not yet been
set in his case, and there is no decision yet on whether he will be
held in custody until trial.

After the OPP ended the Skyway Bridge blockade, women from the
community of Tyendinaga returned to the site and retook the bridge for
the remainder of the day, as a further show of resolve to see that
this issue is dealt with in good faith, through respectful
nation-to-nation negotiation.

Please show solidarity by writing to Paul VanHooser, Charles Kloestra,
and Shawn Brant still in custody at:

Name of Person
c/o Quinte Regional Detention Centre
89 Richmond Blvd.
Napanee, ON
K7R 3S1

**Please note: your letters of support are much appreciated but the
jail WILL NOT accept any of the following: photocopied materials,
anything with staples, coloured paper, pictures, newspaper or magazine
articles. Thanks!
To see photos of the Skyway Bridge protest aftermath, go to:

- Tyendinaga Support Committee
Tyendinaga_support mailing list

" Revolutionary movement and opposition to state power, in the defence of truth is at the heart of anti-imperial struggle. Frantz Fanon wrote,"You do not show proof of your nation from its culture....you substantiate its existence in the fight which the people wage against the forces of occupation. No colonial system draws its justification from the fact that the territories it dominates are culturally non-extant. "Struggle then is the signal of an oppressed peoples still beating heart in a colonial situation. Action is the life sign of peoples who existence is officially denied......we must fight for what is precious to us, or it will be stolen away and used for someone else's enjoyment, Fight, not Talk."

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