Cyber-Action gegen Hainan Airlines

Auf Facebook wurde mittlerweile mit dem Start einer breit angelegten E-Mail Aktion auf den Wiedereinstieg von Hainan Airlines in den Primatenhandel reagiert.

Bitte nehmt euch ein paar Minuten Zeit und lasst Hainan Airlines eure Wut und Enttäuschung spüren: Nehmt an der Aktion teil! Teilt, kopiert und leitet diesen Aufruf weiter, postet ihn, wo ihr könnt, und sorgt damit für denselben Druck, der noch vor wenigen Wochen China Eastern Airlines zum Ausstieg aus dem Handel bewegt hat und auch Air France-KLM mehr und mehr ins Schwitzen bringt.


Das englischsprachige Schreiben soll dabei an folgende Adressen des Unternehmens versendet werden:

Hier eine Briefvorlage:

For the attention of Hainan Airlines;

It has come to my attention that your company has recently made the business decision to begin transporting primates for the research industry again, despite the fact that only last February you decided to stop due to the negative publicity that this business activity generates. I would like to remind you of the promise you have previously made and assure you that the negative image is now amplified as you have not only taken the decision to support unacceptable cruelty but you have also proved yourselves to be duplicitous liars!


You should be aware of the strength of feeling about this issue and that the 89% of Europeans and many, many North Americans find that primate experimentation is unacceptable under any circumstances, so you should factor the impact of this negative exposure with any potential profit you will see from resuming this sordid practice. Animals in laboratories suffer unimaginable cruelty in experiments that could easily be replaced with more reliable testing methods and by transporting them you are helping to perpetuate an unreliable, outdated and extremely controversial science that should have been replaced 30 years ago.


I simply cannot accept that your company has acted in such a manner and I assure you that I will do everything in my power to encourage people not to fly with your airline until you resume your ban on primate transports and agree never to resume this practice in future. There is a very good reason why so many airlines have now banned this practice, and why both El Al and Air Canada have even fought legal battles for the right to end their involvement in this vile trade and now that you have changed you can now expect the same negative exposure that so quickly changed your competitors business decisions.


In anticipation of your public response,

Gateway To Hell verweist in dem Aufruf außerdem auf eine Video-Anleitung, um Masseneinladungen für Facebook-Events zu verschicken.

Reagiert und lasst die Tiere nicht länger unkommentiert in den qualvollen Tod fliegen!