Finnish neo-Nazi organization maintaining hit lists of Jewish people and political opponents

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Neo-Nazi organization Finnish Resistance Movement is compiling a hit list of people of Jewish origin and political opponents.

Times of Israel article "Finnish police find ‘Jew list’ at neo-Nazi’s home" reported that a neo-Nazi has been found with a hit list of people of Jewish origin. Actually it is known that the hit list contains political opponents of fascism as well. Bloggers opposed to fascism and coming from different political backgrounds, from conservative to social democrat, have also reported that they have received information from the police that they are on the hit list.


The anti-semitic neo-Nazi organization in question is known as the Finnish Resistance Movement (Finnish: Kansallinen vastarinta). The police found the list during the police investigation of an attack against a book presentation during which one man was stabbed. Apparently the Finnish Resistance Movement didn’t like the contents of the book, which was about the threat of far right in Finland.


The Finnish Resistance Movement is known for earlier attacks using tear gas and pepper spray. A researcher commented that it is not surprising the group is trying to escalate the level of violence. The movement is the Finnish section of the more violent Swedish Resistance Movement (Swedish: Svenska motståndsrörelsen).


It is an old fashioned antisemitic national socialist organization. The group is training for the use of political violence. Their leader Juuso Tahvanainen has promised that the group will be more violent in the future. The organization is also known to have connections to the Italian CasaPound.


In addition to political violence their activities include updating their web site And distributing stickers. Apparently a lot of their time is spent spreading their propaganda stickers, flyers and posters. Actually the sticker mania is quite amusing. Many people enjoy ripping off the stickers and posters they spend a lot of time distributing.


In 2011 Anonymous leaked their membership applications on Pastebin. One of the most interesting members was Ulla Pyysalo, the aide of True Finns MP Juho Eerola. Juho Eerola himself has a background in the far right extremist group Suomen Sisu. It is not surprising he offered advice to the Finnish Resistance Movement after the library stabbing: “Don’t look like patriots the next time you try to get into an event like that. Don’t go in as a squad, go in casually with the others.”