Song of Fire


It is a matter of time not only in respect to its scarcity but also to its abundance that the capitalist democratic conditions are being sung their own melody to get them into motion, and it is a matter of space both in a cosmological and a terrestrial sense that a look at the most destructive form of fire does reveal how this is already happening. For the emancipation of the Earth from these inhumane conditions, which are trying to take away its resources, its diversity and even its seasons there are many paths, and to open them all this text is going to lighten a fire whose fuel has long been put into place amidst the devastations of capitalist democracy. Like lightning in a tree at a hill, it is going to make visible how that forged dream has stabbed its own heart.


Before it came to this monstrous crime, the infinite amount of human stupidity so unequally distributed among our conspecifics never had been a threat to the existence of this species, because it always was being challenged by unpredictable rationality and creativity. Humanity as whole could be stupid to a degree worse than anyone would want to imagine, but whenever that happened some would be dreaming of alternatives until they were realised. Stupidity was naturally kept in check by the pressures of evolution, it had to evolve, cease to be stupid or risk being replaced by something more intelligent. Where ever that rule was circumvented that did not last very long. Playing by the same rules as everyone else, stupidity could not get very far and deservedly so.

This has fundamentally changed with the state doctrine of surveillance. The worst racket of organised stupidity, the police state, instead of having to face other perspectives, can now supplement its stupidity with stolen insights, and by doing so continue it for much longer than it ever could carry on by itself. It has already been a basic fact for many years that without stealing from anarchist sources it would long have exceeded its lifetime and ceased to exist during the last century. Stupidity in that condition has renamed itself to its nominal opposite for precisely this cause. This organised form of stupidity, which only corrects practical errors resulting from its dumb expectations, but not these expectations themselves, has all of the disadvantages of conventional stupidity but non of its advantages, and requires to be described the way it is because it already has got the lie in its name.

It is no mere coincidence that the primal stupidity of the last century has grown into such a destructive fire of resource conflicts, democratic totalitarianism and elimination of nature. The prototypes of the current spiritual exploitation can already be found in the very first document of the exploitation of the material resources, and the sacrilegious claims of organised stupidity that have enabled it to this evil are the key to the continuity and discontinuity of it, and of the capitalist democratic system with which it is going to continue and to end. Resource conflicts of the current kind are an indication of the basic conflict over right and wrong of such exploitation, and like the latter have never ceased, even though from a perspective of many generations finiteness is much less of a problem than this one makes it. The disagreements on risk technologies and the access to them or denial thereof would not express antagonism so deep no provided explanation can exhaust it, was it not for the fact that stupidity itself is a risk with any technology, even more so when organised and renamed, a risk I for one never consented to take, and never will.

For some time now, it has been an open secret what is to be done with democratic capitalism to fix it, such as it is a consensus now even including the most stupid that it is in fact broken and needs to be fixed. But that is the one thing the police state does not want to hear, how to repair the broken system once and for all. This is because in the future there is no police state, and abolition is unavoidable, or else it would not be a new system and not be fixed at all. Through more than a turbulent century, abolition had only been its visible direction, but with the world catching fire again it has become its inevitable destination. There is no need to even mention the mathematical principles again. It has all been proposed in the past, and it can be implemented without further consultation any moment it is desired, the only obstacle to it being the organised stupidity of the police state and its profound inability to understand what matters most to humanity.

Not only does this unforgivably inhumane stupidity take away the specific information it is stealing, it also takes away something much more precious although it cannot even use that for itself - the joy of giving, the strongest force of human inspiration, which can produce new insights to be shared only if it is in the situation to be able to freely hand out what it produced. By taking away what is being produced before it is being given to all, a situation is created where intrusion into the most intimate sphere of humanity, its dreams, ceases to be a means to get what otherwise could not be obtained and becomes an end in itself. Yet it is for a good reason that the value of a dream can only be meaningfully determined when it is shared freely. Not only is the incomplete dream when it is being stolen much less than what could be shared when it is completed, the result is actually much worse in a qualitative sense: What is being taken from a broken heart always is the opposite of what is given by a free one.