International uranium conference Muenster, 4 February 2012

Dear friends, 2012 has just started and the uranium industry is already on the move. The latest news is that Areva wants to obtain a stake in Urenco if and when RWE and EON sell their own stake. On the other hand Areva wants to scale down its operations from uranium mining to the production of nuclear fuel rods, while Urenco is still expanding its capacities. Worldwide the search for new uranium mines continues.


Now, one year after Fukushima and amidst these dramatic changes within the uranium and nuclear industry, we want to take stock of the situation and to look at possible options to shut down the industry and its uranium operations. Therefore we would like to invite you once more to the International Uranium Conference in Muenster (55 km southeast of the uranium enrichment plant in Gronau) on 4 February 2012.

The conference is supported by numerous groups from Germany and other countries. It takes place from 10 am to 6 pm. Furthermore on the following day there will be a manifestation in front of Germany's only uranium enrichment plant in Gronau (5 February) at 1 pm. We already have a very good response and expect guests from Russia, the Netherlands, France and Turkey.
All the relevant information (programm, address, contact) can be found on the conference-website on I
If you have material to publish, please forward it to
If you want to come please register as soon as possible via the same mail-address, especially if you need some accommodation in Muenster!
We would be delighted to have you in Muenster, because we believe that the time has come to turn more attention onto the powerful and dangerous uranium industry. If we want to end the nuclear age we have to shut down uranium mines, uranium conversion plants, uranium enrichment plants and nuclear fuel production sites as well. We hope this international conference will contribute - with your help and input - to this ongoing political struggle.
Take care and nuclear-free greetings.
Aktionsbuendnis Muensterland gegen Atomanlagen, SOFA Muenster (,