Call for occupation in La Salamane, Montpellier, France

Food not bombs

The municipalities community of the Clermontais is planning to build a commercial area of 70 Ha on agrarian land between la Salamane and Clermont l'Hérault (40 min from Montpellier, France). About 30 Ha are already owner by Système U, a French supermarket chain, to build a gigantic center for storage that has already been classified under the French SEVESO rating as slightly environmentally dangerous.


This area contains a few empty houses, some vineyards and some fruit trees. The land expropriations already started for the few owners that didn't sell their propriety yet and the bulldozers are starting to tear down the vineyards. The Salamane association, which is fighting against the project, presented an appeal in court. Unfortunately this appeal will not block the ongoing process and Système U has already obtain its construction permit and started the work.


The liberal system continues pouring concrete, favoring companies and destructing the environment while using job creation and growth as an excuse. We do not put any trust in this agonizing system and prefer to get organized before it leads us to even more misery. With the starting of the construction work, it is necessary to extend our struggle.


We are sending a call to occupy this new ZAD, "Zone À Défendre" in la Salamane and to create a autonomous social center on this land which potentially represents agrarian land for about 150 people (≈5000m2 per person). We invite you to experiment alternatives, grow this land, living and fix those abandonned houses, plant tipis and yurts.


We are calling all artists, people willing to resist, nomads, activistes, troubadours, poets, pirats or citizens who think that our land is not for sale to come and to its defense and spread our struggle.


We have the power to say no:

  • No to the concreting of agrarian land
  • No to the economical slavery which is forced on each one of us.
  • No to this economical system that kills.
  • No to the plundering of natural ressources.

Some people in opposition to the construction project in la Salamane

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