Fascism and racism in Denmark and Sweden

Well, before 2 days I was discriminated again, so I decided to spread information about institutional racism and fascism in Scandinavia. Discrimination became so wide in society that you should always ask Danish for his/her opinion about East Europeans in Denmark before you gives them place for sleeping or anything in your country.



Well, before 2 days I was discriminated again, so I decided to spread information about institutional racism and fascism in Scandinavia. Discrimination became so wide in society that you should always ask Danish for his/her opinion about East Europeans in Denmark before you gives them place for sleeping or anything in your country. Danish don’t discriminate people from old EU countries or USA but they discriminate people from East Europe. In Sweden they discriminate all foreigners who came to ask for job or who are without papers. Common for Danish and Swedish is also that they kiss in ass authorities, like German’s in the time of Hitler. They will do everything to help to authorities to control foreigners. Therefore, it would be nice, that they experience the same abroad what they do to foreigners in their country: always use chance to ask them about their opinion about foreigners in their country. But let’s write about concretely examples of discrimination…

Newest case was before 2 days, I visited after 3 months an organization for homeless and social cases in Copenhagen, it is called Fundamentet, woman chef told me that I can’t come there anymore under excuse that authorities will cut money for them if they accept foreigners so only people who can ask for social help can come there. It is daily place, it is not for sleeping, but it is first time to see that they limit people in daily places, until now they limited “only” places for sleeping. In Denmark, they created whole beaurocratic rules about social help, so people must have so called “CPR number” in order to apply for social help or to ask for job. In that way they excluded East Europeans (Polish, Romanians, etc) from social system even by theory they should be equal with other EU citizens. Old EU countries still think like Hitler, they think they are more worth than East Europeans; they included Eastern in EU but just in order to make possibility for businessmen to exploit new markets. Ordinary people have nothing from uniting of Europe. Plus financial crisis come, so very possible discrimination will become bigger and bigger and in that way conflicts (and fascist repression) in societies will become bigger.

Before one month I was discriminated in one more place also. I visited place called Lerkehoj (Lindevangs Alle 9), to sleep there. Fascist worker first tried to make lottery with hope that I will not get place for sleeping, but I got ticket for sleeping. Then fascist worker told me that I can’t come there anymore to sleep under excuse that I am not junkie. Of course I found on internet their application for money from some organization and from social ministry and there is written that people can come anonymous and that organization helps to the homeless plus to the people with alcohol/drug problems. So, real reason for refusing was that I am from East Europe and of course I know people who sleeps there, so an American man, an Irish woman, and Swedish are not refused even they don’t use alcohol and they are not junkies, they are just homeless, the same like me. As we see, if workers respect rules of organization, they don’t have right to ask us from which country we are, but their chef is connected with social ministry and social minister (Karen Jespersen) wrote book against foreigners. She had to change political party because of her statements against foreigners. Now she is social minister and she realize her fascism in social places. Therefore of course, who makes complaint he will never succeed to change anything, it is pyramidal/hierarchical/institutional discrimination. But therefore people must take justice in their own hands, and as we saw, crowd of foreigners burned 2 times everything in Denmark.

Before 10 days, I was eating breakfast in basement of one church (Blaagaardskirkens) and social worker there said to Romanians (when they asked to buy newspapers for homeless, they sell it in the city): You are Romanians, we don’t want you here, go back to your country. After several days I heard someone broke church and stole newspapers (hahaha). It is small rebellion, but I like when people act in harmony with their human dignity. Those Romanians are good, of course there are and those who are bad: bad Romanians help to Danish fascist secret agency to spy foreigners.

Daily place for homeless, for breakfast, called Fedtekaelderen (street: Overgaden Oven Vandet 6a) help to authorities to spy foreigners and they organize meeting between homeless and riches in order to convince homeless that they should not steal from shops/stores under excuse that riches give us food. This is good example of mentality of social workers, they brain is washed and they have even paper on window: “this is place for good homeless, not for thieves”. I can compare it with control described in film Matrix, although author of film decided to make science fiction from it but if we exclude decision of author to kiss in ass authority, film describe very good present society. Sweden is for example society where is everything under control of government, like in dictatorship, they know even where are hidden refugees (asylum seekers) because even people, who should help to hidden persons (priest especially), cooperate with authorities. Of course, workers in Fedtekaelderen help to authorities to spy foreigners, they don’t spy domestic people then they just try to convince domestic to stop to steal from rich bastards.

Sundholm is also place for homeless and social cases where is not allowed to foreigners to sleep, even during the day some of workers don’t let people from Poland to sit there. The same case, by the rule of organization, people have right to come anonymously.

Hillerodgade 62-64 is also place where they started to forbid to East Europeans to sleep there but their chef get 20 million Euro per year from budget on the basis that people are on the streets. They have places in more cities in Denmark, but if there come only Danish, in Hillerodgade sleep only 10 persons (Hillerodgade can accept 50 people).

During this winter, I saw also fascist behaviour in place called Kolde Naese (Horhusvej 4 or 5). There came many times only 3 Danish, the rest are foreigners. They have 20 places, and fascist worker accepted 3 Danish, 6 foreigners and the rest he refused. So, many nights half beds stayed empty and people could not get place to sleep, just because they are Romanians. I think Kolde Naese and Fundamentet belong to Salvation Army or they get finance from them. Now you can see how Salvation Army gets money from budget “on the basis that they help to the people” but in reality they have fascist behaviour when they decide who can get help. They get and private donations. So, I can conclude that places for homeless are in fact business, they make money from our life on the street, plus they keep us on the street after they got money for whole year. They do with people whatever they want, there is no control for social workers and who could control them when ministry is fascist. Therefore, before or later, homeless must make revenge, I say revenge because homeless are not in position to take things in their hands without spaces. Even if they occupy space, they are not organized for self-finding of food. And many domestic homeless are patriots so they will never support foreigners in trying to occupy place. Domestic see us like competition and they don’t like us.




In Gothenburg, Newspaper library don’t let foreigners to use internet if we don’t have EU passport or some kind of their insurance, the same case is with Royal library in Stockholm. Only EU citizens can use these libraries. They don’t accept paper issued by migration office for asylum seekers. Amnesty International from Gothenburg work for authorities and they don’t want to do anything when they hear for cases of discrimination (they come in place where people ask for asylum, but they just ask you the same question like authorities (how you came here, directly or you stayed somewhere, etc). They just told me: it is so; expecting from me to accept discrimination. No one is illegal from Gothenburg is fake although it is hard to explain. They convince people to go to ask for asylum instead to help them to stay illegal, they send you to some priest who will again convince you to ask for asylum and he refused me to give me place even I had 3 months pneumonia and outside was snow. So, I can say, one day, this priest and fucking fake activists will finish bad. I could die, they didn’t give a shit. People from my country, who got place from priest, told me that there is place but it is will of priest if he wants to give me place. Swedish mentality is: we believe that our authorities are good and we believe that all people must be registered in system. When such pigs become activists, you can imagine their activism. They are totally good for fascist authorities and they are under control like in Matrix. Therefore Swedish politicians always speak how they don’t need security (body guards) like politicians need in other countries. They succeeded to control society like dictators. I forgot to mention, even when I asked for medical help this fucking church, they set me the same questions like authorities (whom I have from family in my country, how I came there, etc). So, Swedish authorities know very well where hidden refused asylum seekers are, and it is just will of authorities how long they will get place to stay hidden. Usually those who start to work against other people from their country (people who starts to spy), they get permission to stay in Sweden. As I said, everything is under control; it is not my blabla it is really like in dictatorship. I see Swedish like I see German’s in the time of Hitler.

In Gothenburg, there is fascist Urgent Centre (like hospital: Sodra Allegatan 6) where they didn’t let me to visit doctor because I didn’t have EU passport. They didn’t accept my paper issued by migration office and they asked me to pay 110 Euro to get possibility to visit doctor.

Place for homeless in Gothenburg, Gjutjarnsgatan 3, is also fascist place (belong to Stadsmission). Workers let you to stay 2-3 days if you are foreigner, after it they don’t let you anymore. In that way they try to push out foreigners from their country. Anywhere if you ask for sleeping, they send you to social worker who gathers info from you about you, but you are refused for sleeping. In that way, again, you are registered but there is no help for you.

Stadsmission place in Stockholm (Maria Prastgardsgata 32) even called cops to control all foreigners. I just go out from shower and I saw cops gather Romanians, I moved myself back and through window I saw several cops check all Romanians (passports and fingerprints). Of course, cops didn’t check Swedish junkies who watched from beside. It was clear case of fascism, organized by social workers and cops.

I read also one time news that one asylum seeker died in Sweden because he didn’t get help from doctors even he visited doctors.


As you see, I can conclude that Hitler died but his idea survived and became ruling idea in whole EU. Foreigners can really die from stupid sickness and there is no help for us. We are beside you, but we are living in different dimension. You are exploited but we are persecuted and our life is in constant danger. Even if you can help, I am suspicious that you will help like we need; you would rather help like you want, in harmony with your beliefs. Therefore I don’t ask you for help anymore, I just want to spread information about discrimination. When I get possibility, we will see what will be happen to fascists and spies. Even after many years; I will never forget them.