Antirepressions-Dokumentationen von AnarchistInnen aus Belarus online

Bildausschnitt aus der Dokumentation

Zwei Dokumentationen "Disregarding the law" und "Anarchy. Direct Action.Impartial" sind in englischen Versionen im Internet jetzt einsehbar. Die Filme erzählen über die Repression die AnarchistInnen aus Belarus im September 2010 bis Mai 2011 erfahren haben.


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Short description of the "Anarchy. Direct action. Impartial":


“The documentary was created in winter 2011 by ABC Belarus to cover the repressions of the anarchist movement in Belarus from september 2010 up to february 2011. The movie include the comments from anarchists, Russian and belarus officials, human right activists. ”


part 1: (to see the subtitles you should turn it on)

part 2: (to see the subtitles you should turn it on)


Short description of the "Disregarding The Law":


“Anarchists were prosecuted in Minsk (Belarus). They've decided to stand up against the system. They attacked the stronghold of bureaucrats and don't want to deal with tyranny. Prosecutor demand for them from 5 to 9 years of imprisonment. The investigation process is commented by the one who escaped from the country.” (to see the subtitles you should turn it on)