EDL Switch To Anti-Black Racism

'Hackney' courtesy Guy Smallman

Gefunden auf london.indymedia.org, anlässlich der Riots in London. Die English Defensive League (EDL) wurde zuvor in der Bahamas 59/2010 als britisch-nationalistisch aber antifaschistisch bezeichnet. Interessant wäre hier die Frage, ob die EDL zunächst tatsächlich das Ziel hatte, freiheitsberaubende Elemente des Islam (die zweifellos bestehen!) zu kritisieren ohne dabei jedoch den eigenen, ebenfalls freiheitsberaubenden Nationalismus zu hinterfragen, oder ob von vorn herein der rassistisch-antimuslimische Diskurs die vorherrschende Position war.


The English Defence League have reverted to type, with torrents of sickening anti-black racism on their divisional Facebook walls, peppered with the N-word, and description of black people being "monkeys" and "apes".  Since their existance, the moderators have tried to brush all of their non-Muslim racism under the carpet, pretending that the EDL have only one enemy, Muslims, but since the rioting began in London, the far right group have switched tack to virulent anti-Black racism of an extreme and disturbing nature. 


This should be a wake-up call to the misguided folks who thought that the EDL tolerated non-white people who are not Muslims.  Since Saturday, when the press and media started covering the riots,  Facebook and political discussion forums which have been infiltrated by EDL fascists, have become peppered with words such as "n*gger", with calls on YouTube accounts operated by EDL divisional leaders for the police to specificually shoot black (not white) rioters. 


One one particular Student forum, a vocal EDL supporter, has replaced his photo with the "White Pride Worldwide" badge used by the neo-Nazi website Stormfront, as more and more, the English Defence League is reverting to type.  The small handful of black and mixed-race members still with the EDL ought to watch their back.  Expect monkey noises (or much worse!) on the coach down the Tower Hamlets. 


Everybody with a brain knows the EDL is absolutely no-different from the BNP (other than its lack of a formal structure, membership, and lack of a ballot-box presence.  Former BNP member and EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon was paramount in disguising the true intentions of the EDL, knowing its real nature would emerge "when the time is right".


With young black men under the spotlight, the EDL have finally come out of the closet as hardcore white supremacists.  Maybe soon, the EDL will wear KKK t-shirts as well as making their now customary straight-armed Hitler salutes. 


When the EDL goosestep through Tower Hamlets, they will be accompanied by the Metropolitan Police who will be defending their freedom to racially chant, racially-abuse Asian passers-by, and violently attack mosques and community centres in their path, it's not just charges of blatant hypocrisy the EDL will face, as fascists like Jeff Marsh call for live bullets to be used on black rioters. 


The EDL will face united opposition from disenfranchised black and white, as well as Asian youg men and women.